[For sick women] How to recover mentally


Hello, this is Yuna Seki from PATOLO support.

Lately, I've been looking at Twitter(x) and I've been thinking about a lot of sick young women.

There are many people who have suicidal thoughts.





You may be wondering why this is such a gloomy story, but this is the current situation in Japan.

The cause of this despair may be a broken heart or other human relationships.

(It is said that 8% of worries originate from human relationships)



There may be many reasons such as bullying, betrayal by someone close to you, upbringing, sexual abuse, etc.

I may be filled with immeasurable humiliation, regret, sadness, and hatred.



Not knowing is a blessing in itself, and I don't even want to know.

It's a feeling I don't want my loved ones to experience.

If possible, avoid experiencing other people's malice, despair, and frustration.

I want you to grow up with this honest smile,

I especially feel this way about children who are like angels and are pure and innocent, knowing no evil.



However, as long as we are alive, there will always be moments when we feel frustrated and despair.

Big or small.


I was there too, and I still am.

Every day is filled with regret and regret for the circumstances that I couldn't choose.

Setbacks, regrets, and heartbreak “It wasn’t supposed to be like this.”Repeat.


Rather, isn't it an endless time loop through that world line called hell?

The whip of life that lasts so long that I think,


“When will heaven give me candy? ”

I feel like it was such a hard mode that I even thought that.



My theory is that people who take their own lives have one thing in common:

You go through a ``mental state where all you can think about is dying.''





So the people around youHow much I cry and explain the wonders of living.

There's always something good about being aliveOr youThere are people who will be sad when someone dies.Or something

Even if you say it, it's still just"I want to die"There is nothing.

Because I can't find meaning in being alive.



I understand it painfully.



"Life without him"

“A life that has lost its purpose”

``Unable to find hope and vague despair''


I don't want to wake up, and I feel like there was a time, long ago, when I thought that way too.



However, I still live boldly and bravely.why?

The help from those around me is the best, but I also made a lot of effort just to live today.


And no matter how much I despair, no matter how much I ruminate on that despair,

I came up with my own method to revive my mental health, and by repeating it, I realized (as I got older)


How to get depressed but not just a little bit

I realized that I was doing this unconsciously.


I hope this message reaches out to you who are sick, who are always depressed and suffering.

The next time you feel sick to the point of wanting to die, try it once.





① Throw your smartphone where it cannot be seen.

When you're in a bad mental state, don't look at the screen and further puncture your brain!
Turn off the power,sleep



②Fill up the hot water, soak in the bath, and let out tears.

I get sick because I work too hard and exceed my capacity.

I get sick because I am not taking care of myself.


Because I don't get enough sleep, because I don't have enough mental nutrition.

Let go of your tension and relax

Cry for yourself, not for others.

(Instead of crying because you think you're unhappy, it's a way to express your gratitude for your hard work.)


It feels good to be detoxed.

I put some Epsom salt (hinoki incense) in it to help me relax.

③Write down your feelings and verbalize them


Basically, emotional people are more likely to get sick.

I think what I see is just a side.

It helps you stay calm and organize your mind about what is best for you.


If it is not related to heartbreak or host

Things you like and dislike about the other person, advantages and disadvantages of being together

If you write it down, you will be able to see it very objectively.

④ Accept the repeated sinking and fall as far as you can fall.


Well, crying is the most refreshing thing.

Emotions cannot be explained with logic...


Cry → Recovery → Remember and cry → Accept → Recovery

It's okay because by repeating this, a scab will form on your heart.

AmayaOrdo that for me
(If such an existence does not exist, I am myself)


Let's just say that there's no point in filling the gap between men with men.

Let's terminate the host in charge → Create a new host → This will not fundamentally solve the problem


People who are dependent on love are another object of care.

It is easier to overcome this by creating a pet (for example).

Animal therapy worked for me too, give it a try.


⑥ Trying to concentrate on daily tasks such as work or study



It's already a tough time“I’m really glad I have a job.”Did you think so?

Although I have had many tough times, I have never taken time off from work because of the tough times.


I'm not saying it's amazing lol

It's better to stay busy and not think about yourself



Awareness and recognition that your place is not gone.

Because I was able to feel it again.


Create multiple things and places where you can devote yourself.Is

Very helpful for balance and independence.




How was it?

I sincerely hope that it will give you some hints for your daily life.

Adios then!



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