It is said that even a dog will not eat a fight between husband and wife.

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It is said that even a dog will not eat a fight between husband and wife.


I would like to proceed with the topic.



It is said in the world that even a dog won't eat when a husband and wife fight.


Looking up the meaning


``Even dogs don't deal with quarrels between husband and wife. Disputes between husband and wife are common and often quickly reconciled, so it's not something that someone else should mediate. And it's foolish to mediate.''

with thatKoto bankIt was published on.


Well, that's fine, but




Even if it's not a fight, and on the contrary, a friendly flirtation, I don't think that's acceptable either.


There's nothing worse than not being able to eat, but having to watch someone else's flirting with you.
It's fine if you do it, but I'd like it to be done out of sight.
Thank you for your time, just the two of us.


I don't want them to fight, but I also don't want them to flirt.

Please, I would like you to do both in places where you can't see them.



The other day,


"I don't like it when I get a lot of feedback because it makes me look like other men and have to compare my conditions."


A male voice said,


From such a man


"Due to the amount of feedback I've received, I'm quitting after all." I was told, so I had to cancel the scheduled date. I wish they would limit the number of posts.


I received a message from a woman.




So that's it.



If we accept these two things as they are, we might not need FB.

Also, there are many people who want to see it, so it is difficult to make a decision.


By the way, I don't think it will ever go away at all.
There may be some restrictions, but they will never go away.



I liken it to products, but for example, reviews on Amazon or Rakuten, word-of-mouth ratings are a huge deciding factor.


For the man I mentioned earlier, it would be better if he had FB, because he could judge whether she is a woman he has met and if he doesn't like it, he can attack other women who are not. In that case, after applying, going on a date, and talking to the woman, I realized later that I shouldn't have applied.So, if that's the case, I think it would be better if you could have avoided the mismatch before asking for a date.



In the past, there was a member I was in charge of who would report his impressions of each date in great detail, including what happened in bed.


Perhaps it's not so much a hobby as it is something that the man can't vent to anyone about, or maybe he's feeling a little better after reading this report?I think.


As someone on the receiving end, it's my job, so if I can help, I'll listen, but if I had the right to veto, I personally wouldn't want to hear about it. .


However, it may have been a valuable story in the sense that it is a story that is rarely heard.
However, since no one knows how much of this is true, the mystery only deepens.



In any case, no one likes fighting or flirting.What do you think?


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