5 points you should know before opening a social club

5 points you should know before opening a social club

While opening a social club is an attractive business opportunity, it requires careful preparation and planning. In order to be successful, it is important to understand the following five points before starting your business.

1. Financial planning

Starting a social club requires initial costs and working capital. Initial costs include store rental fees, interior design costs, equipment costs, and recruitment costs. Working capital includes personnel costs, rent, utility costs, advertising costs, etc.

A financial plan must be created based on projected earnings after opening. Calculate the necessary funds by considering sales targets, profit margins, average sales per customer, etc. Possible financing methods include self-funding, loans, and subsidies.


2. Laws/Permits

Social clubs require a business license based on laws such as the Entertainment Business Act. To obtain a business license, you must apply to the Public Safety Commission. The application requires documents such as the structure and equipment of the store, and the history of the manager.

We also need to comply with laws such as the Labor Standards Act and the Personal Information Protection Act.


3. Location selection

Location is an important factor in the success of a social club. You need to choose a location that is easily accessible to your target customer base. It is also necessary to consider the surrounding environment.


4. Securing human resources

Running a social club requires human resources such as hostesses and staff. In order to increase customer satisfaction, it is important to secure high-quality human resources.

It is necessary to clearly set recruitment criteria and conduct appropriate recruitment activities. It is also necessary to put effort into developing human resources by establishing training systems.


5. Marketing strategy

Competition in dating clubs is fierce. You need to develop a differentiation strategy and acquire customers.

You need to clarify your target customer group and provide services tailored to that customer group. Advertising using homepages and SNS is also effective.



When opening a social club, preparation and planning are the keys to success. Please refer to the above five points and prepare thoroughly.


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