June 27, 2023

Should I say my disclaimer clearly?Lying to the text?

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Should I say my disclaimer clearly?Lying to the text?

I will talk about the theme.



Ideally,It's not good to lie, so wouldn't it be better to be honest?


That's what it means, but it's difficult to say it too straight, and it may make the other person angry.


However,suddenly lost contactetc., againI worry about the other personBecause,There seems to be a style for fade out.


I would like to organize it from three perspectives.

  1. If the feeling doesn't match, don't overdo it.
  2. Clearly express your intention that the feeling does not match.
  3. I won't tell you the exact reason.


XNUMX. If the feeling doesn't match, don't overdo it.

If you feel that something is painful or painful, it is better not to force the relationship forward.The feeling of regret is usually greater.


If you don't like it, but you get lost, think about it for a while, think about it repeatedly, and it will be strengthened, and the bad feeling will grow.


However, when I am alone, such as after returning home,Organize yourself what you don't likeIs good.
It will definitely come in handy at your next meeting.

I'm not good at this kind of gesture, I don't like this kind of way of speaking, this kind of atmosphere, this kind of condition, this kind of place, etc.


If you understand this, it may be easier to judge whether you are an easy partner or not.



2,Clearly express your intention that the feeling does not match.

If it's clear to you that you don't feel the same way, then how smoothly can the goal of this encounter end?That's what it means.


If you evade and do not express your intention clearly, you will also take away the other person's time.So, there may be various ways to say refusal, but you can avoid trouble if you clearly convey your intention to refuse.


From a man's point of view, if you knew before you met if the feelings and conditions weren't right, you wouldn't have to spend time, money, and effort.It's a scene that I can't help thinking about.


However, in the end, you won't know the feeling unless you meet and talk and share time, and you won't know if it will last long unless you meet regularly for a while. Although it can't be helped to some extent, such as the setting fee, meal fee, and other time required for this.


Of course, I think there are cases where men have reasons why they can't match up with someone who develops into a relationship, so of course, it's not just women who have problems.


However, depending on the content, it is also true that there may be things like, "If you told me that before we met, we wouldn't have to meet each other."


That said, there are times when it's not the truth, but a disclaimer (that is, a soft lie or fiction), so it can't be helped to say this to some extent, so next time!It may be better to switch to .


*I'm not saying that because I want to earn a setting fee m(_ _)m



However, if you dodge the expression of your intention, it will be a waste of time for e-mails, chats, and asking "What's going on?" Isn't it necessary to consider not taking too much of the other person's time by expressing your intention?



3,I won't tell you the exact reason.

When refusing, there are some women who say it rather clearly, but
Slashing with too short words seems to leave a grudge.


Maybe he did something so annoying that I had to say that,
Except for such special situations, it is better to avoid going out of your way to increase the probability of trouble.


Lying is also not a good method.
Because we have to continue lying to maintain the world view of lies,
It's dangerous to try to get by with lies easily.


As the first phase of refusal, "I don't feel right," "I don't have the courage," "I can't imagine a relationship that far," "I wonder if the relationship will be difficult until we meet I felt it."I think that's enough.



If you say something like, "I have bad breath, talk a lot, and talk about myself all the time, I honestly think it's tough," even if it's true, it's hard for the person himself. So, even though most men are adults, I think this kind of thing will make them angry.



So, it's risky to talk about the details of why you refuse, so don't do it.
I think it's good to tell you carefully even if you're asked.

Some of them really want to give feedback to themselves and improve so that they can be used next time, so please let me know!Some people think that


I think it's too early to talk about the reasons in detail right away even if you get asked "What's the reason?" "What didn't work?"


It's a situation where you can't finish unless you say it after being asked several times, or many times.Choose your words carefully and be careful enough to conveyHowever, if you don't say it stubbornly, it's really not the end of the story, so let's convey your feelings in that case.



If you've come this far, I'm sure the other person has at least understood the reason why it's difficult to date, so even if you can't get in touch with them, you should know why you turned them down (rejected).


Also, regarding the fade-out, normally, rather than doing it on purpose, our schedules somehow didn't match, and we didn't really want to see each other.


I think there are more people who are in a situation like this.


PATOLO has a chat function in Patro, so you can interact there.
After the date, the profile cannot be viewed, but the chat is available.

Even if you don't exchange phone numbers or contact information such as LINE when dating, you can communicate with patro chatSo you can reduce the risk of being exposed to each other, and you can save the hassle of exchanging.


Both men and women have a blocking function, so you can close the chat if you don't feel right.

By using Patro's chat function,
I hope you have a meaningful matching life.


Patro Division Oda

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