[For women] What is the specific action to go on a date?

Thank you always for your support.
This is Oda from PATOLO support.


This time it will be a continuation of the last time.


I would like to touch on the behavior after logging in to PATOLO.


If you have not read the previous article or have never logged in to PATOLO, please read the following first.


→ "How to start activities with PATOLO [For women] Please check only those who want to date.'


*If you are not yet registered with a social club that is affiliated with PATOLO, you can apply for a new membership from the page below.
It is a flow of registration after an interview and an interview without fail.


→ "Click here for new application'





So, if you're reading this article, I'm assuming you want to meet men.


As I wrote last time, if you already have a lot of encounters and don't have to bother looking for new encounters, it's a waste of time to read the article, so you should close this page. think.



However, if you are in need of a new encounter, a new date, a new session, or a new offer, please read to the end and act immediately while reading and running the app.



The most wasteful thing is that even though people read the article and feel positive about the encounter, they put it off saying "I'll do it when I have time next time", forget about it, and don't take any action. That's it.



I hope that you, who have read this far, will lead to new encounters.







First of all, I would like to talk about the current situation.
PATOLO was just released in July and is still difficult to use.
Also, I don't think there are many people who know about PATOLO because it is not recognized.
A quarter of female users have an account, but have never logged in.


That's why I mentioned in the previous article that now is the chance to meet new people.


(Comparison of number of users and number of logins for each member store)



This has also reached PATOLO as a voice from a male member.

"I tried to log in, but there are too few women logged in that are active."
And so on.



So, should men try it?I'd like to go on a date.Even if there is a willingness to do so, there are few women who can be contacted by chat and respond, so the situation is currently occurring that it cannot be used.




"Since it's operated by PATOLO, you're saying that you want people to use it, right?"

I think there are some people who thought.
It's true that I'm happy that PATOLO is crowded, so I really want people to use it.



However, in the first place, people who register for dating clubs, matching services like PATOLO, and matching apps are registering because they are looking for a meeting, and they are registering for no reason. I hope you don't mind.



So, if you can use PATOLO's special features to meet people, both PATOLO and users will be happy.




Sorry for the long preamble, but if you've read the previous article and this far, I think you're ready.


In particular

・I have an account
・You can log in
・There is no mistake in the profile information

People who have this area and can display PATOLO's membership site right now are ready.



From here, I will explain in detail what to do to get a specific date.



I will list the things to do first so that you can easily visualize them.


XNUMX. Search for male users and find a man you like
XNUMX. Send a message using the chat function
XNUMX. Repeat the above
XNUMX. Set up LINE notifications for people who are hard to notice with email notifications.
XNUMX. When you receive a reply, respond.
XNUMX. Discuss the schedule and have male users (supporters) apply for sessions
XNUMX. Date on the promised date



I will repeat the above, but I will explain each one a little below.


XNUMX. Search for male users and find a man you like


It's obvious if you say it's obvious, but if you act just because it doesn't matter who you are, you'll lose trust.
There is still very little information about men's profiles, but as much as possible, please carefully consider whether you can actually go on a date and continue a relationship based on information that you can understand, such as age.


XNUMX. Send a message using the chat function


PATOLO allows women to send messages via chat.
There are no additional costs for sending messages.
In addition to sending a fixed form, you can contact us in your own words.

As with men, exchanging contact information such as phone numbers in chat and negotiating terms of dating such as allowances are prohibited, so please refrain from doing so.


One thing to keep in mind when sending messages is that some people sometimes prepare their own fixed phrases and act like sending messages to all men at random, but I don't recommend this.


Because I understand that the supporter's male users are somehow random from the content of the sentences.


For example, you don't necessarily have to type the opening greeting, but it's not recommended to use a fixed sentence for the whole sentence and use a safe sentence that applies to everyone.


So how do we contact you?
It's a matter of course, but all you have to do is ask "Why did you want to contact me?"


At the stage of searching, there should be something that you think would be good if it was this person, that you would like to contact.
Please review the article with reference to them.


I think that there are quite a few supporters in Tokyo, etc., but here, rather than trying to earn the number of messages sent, it is a shortcut to contact each case carefully and honestly.


Also, one of the tips for messaging is to ask questions.


Ask questions in chat that you didn't understand on the male profile.


For example, "You wrote that your hobby is golf, but do you often go golfing?"
It's just an example, so if you're actually looking at the profile and there's something you don't understand, it might be a good idea to ask the supporter about it as it is as a way to communicate.




XNUMX. Repeat the above


If you say earnestly, you may feel that you need a lot of effort, but how earnestly is it until you meet someone who realizes a good relationship.


Since work and other schedules are different for each individual, I think that some people can handle a lot, while others can't spare too much time.


However, if you are reading this article, I think you are reading it to get a date yourself, so even if you cut down on the time you spend watching TV or YouTube, you can do it one by one a day. Let's get in touch with


Sending a message once does not guarantee that the man will reply.
It is also possible that men are judged not to like you, or that you have not seen the chat itself.


If you receive a message from a male supporter, let's keep calm until you apply for a date.



XNUMX. Set up LINE notifications for people who are hard to notice with email notifications.

In PATOLO, the login ID is email.
You will be notified by email when you receive a reply in chat.
LINE can also be added to this notification function.


If you link LINE, notifications will also be sent to LINE.
It's bad if someone close to you sees LINE.There is no loss in collaborating other than those who say.


I honestly didn't see the email.


There are many people who say that, so it would be a waste if you didn't notice that you had sent a reply to the chat.

So let's link LINE and make sure that you can receive notifications from PATOLO on LINE as well.


For details on the settings, please also see this article "Recommended settings for using PATOLO What is 'LINE linkage'?"






XNUMX. Respond when you receive a reply

It's a matter of course, but if you get a reply, let's respond.


It has long been known that women tend to prefer responsive women.
There are times when it can't be helped, but there are many men who are judged to be unmotivated just because they couldn't reply.


However, it can't be helped that there are unreasonable hours at work, so if a man says something to you, don't force yourself to go with someone who understands. It is also a way to ask for the next encounter.


I'm not very patient, but for example, if I don't get a reply for three or four days, I'll contact you one month later because of the circumstances of the woman.
It's obvious that the man will get cold like that, so it's better to return something by that night or the next morning at the latest.




XNUMX. Discuss the schedule and ask the male user (supporter) to apply for the session.

There is a mechanism called "reverse offer" where women apply for sessions, but just because a woman contacts you first doesn't necessarily mean you have to make a "reverse offer".


So far, it doesn't seem like the men are particularly strong against the reverse offer, so it seems that there are many cases where the men apply for sessions after the women contact and communicate via chat.



Although it depends on the situation such as chat exchanges, it seems better to spend time on the schedule of dates rather than deepening communication in chat.






XNUMX. Date on the promised date

There is an application for a session from a man, and if the woman approves it, the date will be decided.

If you meet at the appointed place on the appointed day, all you have to do is go on a date.

At PATOLO, we keep the tip as a gratuity at PATOLO in advance payment, so if male and female users answer the questionnaire (FB) after the date, it will be accumulated in the talent account for the time being, and the woman will be PATOLO If you apply for a transfer within the system, it will be transferred to the bank account you set on the 15th of the following month.


If you've made it this far, it all depends on how you feel when you meet them, so I have no choice but to wish you luck, but I don't know if I'll be able to meet the best and most suitable person on one date, so I've dated several people. In the meantime, I hope you will continue to keep in touch.





It's been a little long, but I think PATOLO is different from other dating clubs so far in that I can move on my own.


I think there are people who are reluctant to take action on their own, and I think there are people who are not suited to take action on their own.
So, it is not necessary for everyone to force themselves to actively engage in activities like this article, but if you are having trouble getting a date, I think you can try to get a date yourself.


I would appreciate it if you could refer to something.




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