You asked me my real name, can I answer?

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This time

You asked me my real name, can I answer?

I'm going to talk about the theme.

By the way, in the first place, in meeting with a dad-like personHow many of you are working under your real name?


Perhaps most of them are active with nicknames and pseudonyms.
Even in the case of dating clubs, I think that there are many cases where a temporary name is set as a club name and activities are carried out.


In the case of Universe Club, it seems that the full name is the same as the real name and is set as a set of surname and first name.


It seems that many people who are active on SNS etc. are active with the nickname set for the account name, or the name that seems to be the street.

Or without a surname, just a first name.For example, "Asami ♥".



Are there any benefits to knowing your real name?

Personally, I think it's better to have a name that looks like a name, but it doesn't have to be a real name.



so the conclusion

Isn't it weird to tell?

about it.




Even robots and dolls seem to have a sense of familiarity when they take the form of familiar animals such as humans and dogs. I think so.



For example, if the other woman has a completely original name, such as ``Chomikki'' or ``Pointus'' (this is a name that probably doesn't exist), it would be difficult to call her and I would feel uncomfortable. So I think it's going to be a strange atmosphere.



So even if it's a lie, a normal name like "Kumiko Ueda" feels more natural because even if you know it's a pseudonym, it won't make you feel uncomfortable.


I think it's perfectly fine for this temporary name "Kumiko Ueda" to have a nickname or a name with "Kumi-chan", "Kumicchi", "Kumikko", etc.


Rather, after introducing yourself, it may be exciting if you two decide on a name from a conversation like "What should I read?"


I think you should consider a few disclaimers.

However, what is your real name for various reasons?I think some people will ask.


I can imagine the reason
・Knowing your real name is considered intimate evidence
・Believing that holding your real name will give you a strong position (including unconsciously)
・Trying to grasp the weaknesses by investigating the workplace and school from the real name.
・I want to search SNS with my real name and see real dirt.


Around here?
There may be some people who have a place like that kind of play in a sense.
Most of the content is likely to be risky, but if you don't mind it that much, there is no problem.In that case, I think it's okay to go along with the other person's request if there seems to be a benefit to the balance between the benefits of continuing the relationship with the other party.


If not, please refrain from revealing your real name.I think it's going to be a choice, so I think it's not a loss to prepare a few patterns of reasoning.

For example,

"I'm sorry. I'm in trouble, so please use the club name."
"I'm sorry. I'm a little scared, sorry."



If you have a very close relationship, it may certainly be useful.

I dared to imagine if there was a good pattern.


It may be rare, but your real name is necessary for various formal procedures.


For example, when signing a contract for real estate, etc., the name written on other contracts will be written with your real name.



I think it's a very happy place to be able to pay the rent or buy an apartment, but let's imagine what will happen if you do it.


There is no particular relationship if the pattern is that you can only pay the rent for the rental apartment you contracted yourself, but for example, the other party is a real estate manager and you contract the property through their own brokerage, or purchase an apartment. In this case, the amount of money is large, so if it is a story where two people need to prepare various documents, create a contract, and sign a contract, just think about the possibility of trouble in advance. You can take a look.



Also, I don't think it's likely, but the other person was quite old, and in the unlikely event that he needed an emergency due to some illness, he called an ambulance, or was involved in other incidents. In that case, the only way to identify yourself is with your real name.


In such cases, the case where the other party is trying to leave their real name and other personal information with you so that they can respond to some extent



I don't think so, but there might be.
What kind of relationship do you have with hospitals and police without even knowing your real name?
Because it is true that there are times when it becomes like
"No, we met through an app, but we didn't know each other's real names,
He always called me "Shiojii" and I was called "Micchan".
I was invited to eat regularly and it was a feast,
I don't know about his chronic illness, where he lives, where he works, etc.


Well, it's a pretty rare story, so if you're a very old man, it might be possible.
It's a story based on a relationship of trust and a natural flow between the two of you, so it's not something I ask myself, "I want to know just in case."



What did you think.
This time, we talked about the theme of "I was asked my real name, can I answer?"


How do you guys deal with this kind of situation?
If you don't mind, I would be happy if you could tell me how to deal with it in the comments section.

This happened to me on a date.We look forward to sharing similar cases.


I would appreciate it if you could help me with something.
Thank you in the future.

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