[Manga] A man who wants to get married

Recently, I heard that there are men who are looking for marriage through a dad-hunting app.

It is often exposed on SNS along with screenshots.



"Where are you trying to find a girlfriend? LOL"

“Why do you go out of your way to target young women with high hurdles or girls whose looks don’t match yours?”

"Do you think you can date a young, cute woman?"



Harsh words were thrown around.

Honestly, for some people, it can be a struggle to reach adulthood.

There are plenty of people who don't reach that level, but they're not in a romantic relationship, much less in a romantic relationship.

Will I ever end up getting married?




An idea that is out of this world.

That's the only impression I get.



But it's true, I don't know about the app, but we met at a dating club.

Very rarely, a man and a woman develop into a romantic relationship and announce their marriage.




Before that, a woman asked me to date her with the intention of getting married.

Have you met anyone else yet?

Or maybe you have already withdrawn? We also receive consultations on topics such as:




Speaking of personal opinion

“Well, I’ve met other people, so I don’t really feel like I love them!

If you're in doubt, it's probably best to stop."I think.


Once you step into this world, it is assumed that money is involved.

I think it becomes difficult to see the person as such.



Even after dating,

"I wonder how many women he met at the club. What if it's still going on?"


I have a lot of troubles that are unique to matching apps.

It may occur.


On the other hand, this is what we would expect from a man's real brain.


"I wonder how long it took for this child to become an adult. What would I do if, even now, love is love, father life is father life, and we went to meet each other while I was at work?"



Yes, you don't have to have bad imaginations in a normal love life.

I have no choice but to do it.


I don't think there is a problem with men and women who can say that their past doesn't matter.

But if you're a normal couple, you don't need to know.

After looking behind the scenes that I didn't need to know

It's difficult to trust someone as a lover or life partner, rather than as a partner for daddy activities.



But sometimes I reveal parts of my life that I can't tell anyone about.

If you are talking about your circumstances and are building a relationship of trust in the true sense of the word, then

I think we could be a really good partner.


One thing I can say is

For men: ``People who are working as dads are basically doing it for money.''

For new women, I tell almost everyone, ``I won't meet other women, so leave it to me.''


And so on.


I also want to marry a wealthy man.


Below, a man who wants to be a lover is attracted to a woman

I'm a little tired of that swamped woman, so I asked her to make it into a manga.

Since you contacted me, please read it to kill time.





Yuna Seki




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