Report on daily activities

Thank you always for your support.
This is Oda from PATOLO support.

This time

Report on daily activities.

I would like to talk about the theme.


At the moment, PATOLO Support is made up of three teams, one team deals with member stores such as agents, and the other team deals with users such as supporters and talents.

This team not only deals with customers, but also listens to customer feedback.

The second team is a systems team that works on a daily basis to improve the membership site and apps, such as fixing bugs and improving functionality.

The third team is the one that Oda and Seki are in charge of, and we mainly focus on public relations activities.
If it is related to the official website or official blog, we will improve the design or add pages.


It may seem like there are a lot of people in the team, but in reality, we are currently dealing with just a few people.
If the scale changes in the future, the number of people may change as well.
Basically, people within a department or team do not solve problems alone, but move things forward by collaborating with other departments that provide specialized support.

As for the team as a whole, the system team makes improvements based on the opinions that are picked up, and the marketing team then publicizes the improved content, so the three teams work together and work together. Masu.



Currently, we are mainly using PATOLO Official X (formerly Twitter) to disseminate improved content.
We will be sending out information, information, and things to share on a daily basis, so please follow us if you would like.


Below is an excerpt of the improvements we have recently announced.


[info] The following supplementary text has been added to the tip transfer application page on the talent screen of the PATOLO member site.

*If the amount of tips transferred from our company exceeds 20 yen per year, please file a tax return.

— PATOLO Support Official Contact (@PATOLO_official) September 1, 2023


[info] The content displayed on my page "Favorites" has been changed.

▼The display of "Favorites" on the My Page of the men's and women's member sites differed from what was displayed on the member list page, and the design was changed to unify the old design.

— PATOLO Support Official Contact (@PATOLO_official) September 2, 2023


[info] A supplementary explanation has been added to the profile image attachment field on the profile editing screen.

— PATOLO Support Official Contact (@PATOLO_official) September 3, 2023


[info] You can report any nuisance you see, but the following template is now inserted to make it easier to write the content of your report.

▼ Content
Report target user:〇〇(patro name)

— PATOLO Support Official Contact (@PATOLO_official) September 4, 2023


We look forward to working with you in the future!

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