[Actual voice] We received feedback from members of the dating club!

Oss!I'm Yuna Seki from the PATOLO Division of Ola Investment Love!
It's probably familiar, but it's welcome! !
The member store coverage (or rather, member store introduction) that everyone is looking forward to is waiting for confirmation,
I received a real opinion, so I will post it.

・Impressions after learning more about Patolo

(Universe Club member/Arafour male/Anonymous/Already tried other apps)

"the universe clubThere is a demand, but for married people like me who are around XNUMXsomewhat expensive.
A club representative like a letter dateLow cost matching methodI wonder if there aren't more.
So I thought it would be an interesting idea to launch Patolo from the same group.
It seems that I understand the name change with Pato and investment love, but I do not understand it.
If the ideal of this service is realized, I think that I will switch to it around the time of next year's update.
I don't feel like the top services of other app companies are doing very well.
It seems that if you are addicted to marketing measures, you can take over the world."
"It's about patolo.
Thisnot limited to the universeI'm doing it with the assumption that other dating club members will connectThat's what it means.
In terms of customs, a platform called fu●●co is trying to cause similar destruction
It's really interesting that UNIVA does it by itself.
*I doubt the feasibility of fu●●co, but the model is interesting.
Relatively hard * So-called ⚒ commitment clubs
I wonder if you'll come on?I think,
There are quite a few things that bother me, but I want you to do your best. "
Both of these comments were directly received on Twitter.I felt that it was an opinion that made me feel like a fierce person in the dating club.Since it is anonymous, we were able to receive candid opinions, and I was overjoyed to feel that people still think that there is potential for the future.
I'm shivering (*^^*)💦

In fact, questions about PATOLO have been sent to the question box of the universe group.

🚺Questions from women🚺
🚹 Questions from men 🚹

I would appreciate it if you could refer to the following together (*^^*) Yuna Seki
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