[Interview] Regarding member store coverage

Thank you for your help, I'm Public Relations Seki of the patolo division of Investment Love (*^^*)


I went to Tokyo to interview a member store.To be honest, when I get home, I have to write a business trip report, and I have to apply for the expenses (thank you for submitting them). The pressure to write or not to do it seriously is great, and I want to tweet with good quality on SNS, but I don't have time... Yes, but that means I don't have time.
Women who visit and download various apps and clubs and act like secretaries.
A man who runs a company, how many people do you earn when you make time with women in your free time, generate money for your family, and generate money for women?A man who wants to sayI don't have much more time.Both men and women go out of their way to visit each member store, visit and consider...Of course, there is no time to do inefficient things.
And I don't want to let you do that.
"Where is the member store that suits me best?"
“Where is the member store that I am most likely to get an offer?”

When I thought about this, there was a list of affiliated stores,

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