Exploring the relationship between proverbs and papa-katsu

I was looking at the Universe Club website.
今,Papa Quote Contest It seems that you are doing something like that.
It seems that it will actually start in May, but the examples given were already very interesting.  
      It seems that a woman is posting, but Nietzsche's “Facts don't exist.there is only interpretationQuoting the adage, "what is the relationship type” was a post that was close to lamenting.    
      Now, the PATOLO division is currently moving to the stage where actual dating club members are using the service as a trial to confirm whether there are any problems with the app or its mechanism.  
      I apologize for keeping you waiting for the release.
  To be honest, we are behind schedule.  
    How late are you?  
      Initially, we were working on a schedule of testing in March and releasing and starting service in April.  
  The reason for the delay is that during the final stages of the app, we discovered a lot of things that we didn't expect, and we're taking time to fix and redevelop it.very sorry.  
  I think that it will finally start in May, so I would appreciate it if you could wait for a while.  
I will continue to work on it. Back to list >