June 04, 2023

[Improvement] Is Patro trash?

Hello, this is Yuna Seki from PATOLO support.

in the office every dayTsui waste PJ entertainerI am doing.


So sometimes I forget that I am a PATOLO support.

As a company employee, what kind of things are you doing, such as our company's PR and usual work?

I think that I have to output it again

Today is a serious article.



In the near future, he will push PATOLO unreasonably

rather than pushing

Let's create specifications and services that make people want to use them from the bottom of their hearts.

became the policy



The purpose is not to get various people to use it anyway


・Reliable and reliable follow-up
・Transparency of the current situation and improvement
・I can feel that the voices of franchised stores and members are being heard


We are focusing on



Still, seeing is believing
Here we will tell you where to find out what is going on.




👇 Report on official Twitter
(not improved)



[Current status report of improvement plan]
When a male member saw a (favorite) female from the favorite column, the login status was not functioning properly.

We've been receiving reports that it's always greyed out.
It has been raised as an issue and we are working on it.
If you can see it from the list, you can check it without any problems.#Corporate official summer follow-up festival

— PATOLO Support Official Contact (@PATOLO_official) July 27, 2023



👇 Post-improvement report tweet (EXEX?) 👇

Good morning.

[Login status was grayed out]
Please check here for improvements.
Thank you for your continued support.

— PATOLO Support Official Contact (@PATOLO_official) August 4



This is what it looks like.

Based on the improvement questionnaire, all issues are summarized in a spreadsheet list

We are constantly following the current situation.




So I have one thing to say


Don't worry, we are working hard to improve!


I have to do a lot of things, so

It's pretty short, but that's it.



*Isn't it better to do something like this in PATOLO?

We are looking for real reviews such as.


I will list the tasks above soon, so if you want me to do a little more like this, etc.

Feel free to DM me from Twitter.

I'm sorry to bother you when you're busy, but I look forward to hearing from you.


Yuna Seki

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