[Manga] Black P's first adult relationship

Hello, this is Seki from PATOL O Support.

Come to think of it, I worked at the Fukuoka branch of Universe♧.

We had a dinner with members from Fukuoka.


He also wanted to hear more about PATOLO.

I provided it to you.


The story at that time was made into 4 frames to make it pop (lol).

I would appreciate it if you could see it.









What do you think?

The economic power of black members (the highest class in the universe) is

Of course, it goes without saying that


What I can say aside from that is

When you are a beginner in the life of a father, you need to understand the market price (although it is relative) and

Also about how to do it and how the P-san around you are dating.

To study or prepare.


That way, you can easily support them from within your own pocket.

I think it prevents women from looking at my feet (and vice versa).



Until you get the hang of it and get the hang of it

Professional support for both women and men

That's right, ask the staff for advice and use their support to the fullest.


I felt that this was a shortcut.

That is why I have chosen this topic.


Dear members, for your cooperation,

Thank you for the meal, it was amazing.

Thank you for your continued support.


PATOLO support

Yuna Seki

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