[Manga] Behind the scenes of tweets



Hello, this is Seki from PATOLO Support.

I'm very happy that the number of followers on X has been increasing gradually recently.





I have a close relationship with the followers involved.

For those who are sometimes topical and use radical or extreme language.

``Oh, if I get involved with this tweet, I wonder if there will be some reaction? ”

We often get involved with this idea.




In my true heart,

“Is there such a way of thinking?”And

``It's not strange that people who only use apps can come to that kind of thinking.''Wait

I am tweeting in a way that is relatively close to him, but also a little bit of a rebuttal.



(This may be the real story)



Why are you adopting this method these days?

Of the PATOLO team, when I was assigned to the marketing PR team.

There's a reason this conversation happened at a marketing meeting.













Is the last panel a joke...?However, when working as a father,

I think one of the points is to convey the feelings of an ordinary woman.


And my sense of being a normal woman creates empathy,

My comments on extreme tweets are also aimed at generating sympathy from some women.


It's not that I'm full of hatred towards the people inside.

Please rest assured (*^^*)💦


Oh, and by the way, I won't post anything that I don't intend to say.

There is a section about Daru-oji that says he is Daru-oji.

I really don't have any feelings towards him (neither hatred nor intimacy), so please don't overreact...

(Even if you do, by then you'll be concentrating on something else.)



By the way👇

Before tweeting like this, I consulted with GPT.


🔻What are the benefits of countering offensive tweets?
There may be some benefits to what we are doing to combat offensive tweets, but there are also risks.
Below are some of the benefits: 1. **Assertiveness and statement of beliefs:**


yes! ! ! ! !
I'm also talking about GPT! ! ! !
Always on the side of women
It is important for the company to prosper, but it is also important to protect women's lives.
what is most important to
These days, I'm trying to assert myself and express my beliefs.
The people inside will never be angry or have bad deadlines, so please feel free to get in touch ✨
Thank you for your continued support.
Yuna Seki
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