[Manga summary] What does PJ really want to know?


Always I am indebted.

This is Seki from PATOLO support.

The heat has calmed down and it's the season for love!



I try out new content every month on my SNS.

Regarding the reaction and whether this might not be well received in the future,

I'm cutting it off one by one.


Personally, I think it's a bizarre way to refuse a pick-up,

How to look weirder than someone weird,

An attack method that shocks the opponent without making a sound



I would like to give a lecture on something, but for a Monpikatsu neighborhood like this,

There will be no demand for it. . .



Understand what you want to write about Pikatsu

I'll do my best to write it, Marketin'! !I mean

It really is a world of supply and demand again.


Our CEO also wanted to clarify the concept of PATOLO.

To change the policy or not.


Our employees follow suit and do what is required of us one by one.

It's just a matter of doing public relations and marketing! !of

I was entrusted with the task (!?) and I did everything based on my own knowledge.

Send out unique content!to be able to do!I'll do my best maaaaaas



new content and experiments


something that is stable and continuous

・There is life as a father

・There is an uncle

・PJ is happening



Continuing from...


① Tweet your personal opinions in the anonymous question box

(Until now it was a summary manga of threads)


It surprisingly resonated with me, and I was told it was different.

I was happy that they actually filled out the questionnaire.


②Oji Uke/Staff Uke Strategy Techniques



We received feedback that it was helpful and that it was already helpful.

I feel like everyone is finally doing what I'm doing.

I don't even need to give advice,

I don't want to get advice from someone like this.I'm sorry.

I feel like I'm going to have a good time.


③ Popular techniques derived from psychology


Psychology proven by scientific data and verification

I tried to make an illustration and upload it.

Perhaps because this is a logical content, we have received comments from men as well.

All humans who want to specialize in being popular will be interested in this kind of content.

I was impressed.



④ Live voice survey


My policy when posting on SNS is

Reality, reality, no matter how cruel it is.


So, since I'm more of a girl, I keep raising the price.

100 each time!I would like to say...

I will tell what I see and what I hear except for matters related to personal information.

When blurring content

*I have made a note that some parts are blurred.



⑤Staff experiences


I was asked to prepare for the interview, and the staff didn't notice me.

I want to avoid 'KAIKUGURU', but what kind of person

It's not a good idea to make a good impression on the interview staff and get rejected.

Will it give you an image, or will you upload real episodes without lies?

I tried to.


This is Kame who has increased the survey response rate!

Content that only I, a former field staff member, can share.

I thought this might be something that would be helpful for girls and guys.

I was happy to be able to think about it just a little bit.




What did you think?

What will survive next month?


Now all I have to do is hope that I get accepted into the tanukana weak group party!

Have a nice weekend

Yuna Seki

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