[Consultation] LINE was blocked by PJ, a type B female college student who said she wanted to be in an adult relationship.

Source: Anonymous question box
thank you always. PATOLO Division, increase the matching rate even a little!I don't care!

When are you going to have an investment romance? right now!?

My pronoun is Yuna Seki.How is everyone doing?From the anonymous question box again this time,this is realExcerpt from the thread that made me realize that, I have summarized the questions and answers, so if you have similar questions or worries, I would be happy if you could refer to it (*^^*)♡





to establish a relationship

I am keenly aware that it is really difficult.


But I want one thing

A man's opinion, but I know it's hard to say...


Is difficult.

Either way, it was a Pikatsu that required a big heart...!


Yuna Seki

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