[User's voice] Questionnaire from a woman

I'm Yuna Seki from the PATOLO Division and the final battle.

Today, as usual, I'm coming to Tokyo to make stories.


I was nervous whether the plane would fly or not.

I would like to write this (future diary with a reservation post) and make it a kotodama.


and by sayingUniverse Ikebukuro Now.



After all, the city is nice, the air and the number of people are completely different.

There are many opinions, ways of thinking, and ways of life, and it is a blessing to know various ways of thinking.





Speaking of various ways of thinking, it's already been a month since patolo was released.

We are getting more and more opinions in the survey from both men and women.



While frequently uploading to Twitter,

I'm going to repost what I've put together here with comments.

*Please be assured that we only publish those that have agreed to be published.


[Voice of users]
From today, we will upload what we have received in the function improvement questionnaire, and what has been confirmed to be reflected on the official website as it is without any problems.

Regarding the occurrence of bugs and improvement reports
We will keep you informed from time to time.
Please confirm (*^^*)✨

— PATOLO Support Official Contact (@PATOLO_official) August 9



[From a woman]


🔻User's voice (from a woman)

A lot of people don't post pictures, and it's hard to tell who is who just by looking at the list.

If you press Back again, it will return to the top and you will not know how far you have seen.

Even if I hide it, I received a chat from the other party, so...

— PATOLO Support Official Contact (@PATOLO_official) August 9

🔻 From a woman (same person)

Even if I send the feedback immediately, I receive an email asking me to post the feedback the next day.
Also, even if you apply for a transfer, the application will continue.

I didn't have a phone to contact Patro, and even in an emergency, I could only use chat, so I was in trouble.

— PATOLO Support Official Contact (@PATOLO_official) August 9



The specifications of the system seen from a woman are

It is very comfortable to usecan't saylooks like a state.



This may be partly because PATOLO is not perfect,

Women are accustomed to dating appsThere is also

When compared to major Maciapu systems

It is said that it is uncomfortable to useof courseI feel that




Also, chat etc. in the date session

I am relieved to see that they are relatively satisfied (at the beginning of July)🌸



Since it is a browser, it is not displayed in real time, so about notifications etc.

I was a little concerned

There is also a method to check by linking with LINE etc.


After letting me know that

no oversights

I think there are fewer voices that it's hard to notice the message.




🔻Suggestions for other improvements are summarized✨


👆To summarize for those who can't see this content...



・Because it is better to have the tip (at the time of meeting) all at once rather than little by little each time.

No problem with payment on the 15th of the following month


・Reverse offerI want to try it if it's free.

I'm doing this activity because I want to increase it even a little, but this side pays to meet

there is some resistanceAnd that.


👉 I can understand it somehow as the same woman.

However, as a staff, rather than the price,

To express a strong desire to meet, even if it costs moneyfor a reverse offer of

Those who offer beyond herestrong on the contraryIt's a personal impression that it might be.



・It would be interesting if you could earn money just by chatting.


→ I think that many of you who have sent me many messages are keenly aware of this.

I thought too.


other apps toomessage point systemThere is

The exchange itself is painful, but

If you want to spend a little money...It seems that some people are working hard to reply.

However, if that's the case, PATOLO's purpose is Merle...

I'm worried that it might be interpreted as



Instead of making men pay

In order to have you log in for as long as possible

Management can be exchanged as a reward, in the form

Satisfaction seems to increase (*^^*)💦



・The number of men is still small

Yes, we will do our best to improve sales and specifications so that you can use it even more!

And as an aside, the other day, the bug that only displayed up to 100 items was fixed ❣❣

I would be happy if you could encourage me to search for men once more😢


[Improvement notice]
The issue where only up to 100 items were displayed in the male list (viewed from the female member site) has been resolved without any issues.

At the time the problem occurred, I think you may have felt worried because there were not many registered women or men who searched, but don't worry, there are actually a lot of men who are using our service✨

— PATOLO Support Official Contact (@PATOLO_official) August 4



・I want you to hide the people you met in the universe in advance,

I also want people I met in Patro to be hidden in the universe


→Hiding UC members who dated at PATOLO on the UC side,We are making good progress here.

I would appreciate it if you could rest assured.




This was the response from the PATOLO team to the voice from the woman✨

We share each and every one of your voices, carefully examine them, and strive to improve them.


I would be happy if you could use it in the future (*^^*)💦

Thank you for your continued support.



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