[Actual record] I went to Tokyo because there was no story

There is no story these days.
I met a different woman every day, talked and laughed and explained,

Days spent day in and day out in interviews while admiring that there are various people...


Even after it's over, the call center will (give) you a job...


Even though I'm busy, even though I'm cornered,

It was fulfilling.

Because I didn't always have to find new encounters (women).

There are as many things to write about as the number of encounters,

What should I write in the first place?You don't have to think about it.


What a stimulus, what a luxury.


Now I want to say to myself four years ago.

"Don't take everything you have now for granted, bite it."I don't know ❣


So, for making a story this time
I went out of my way to make stories in Tokyo at my own expense!
(You can do whatever you want at your own expense!)





What I was conscious of when creating this story
In this industry, to start Pikatsu and not to start.

what I should have done

I don't know the correct answer unless I ask myself in XNUMX years.



Because I don't have a time machine.
But my predecessor may be myself who had thoughts of XNUMX years later.

I can't meet my future self,

It is possible to follow the results of decisions made by people who are faced with the same worries and the same choices.



I wish I had done it that day, that time, I shouldn't have

I don't want anyone to regret it,

I think it's because I've seen both the sourness and sweetness of this Pikatsu industry

Wishes of all staff


"I want you to make this encounter a plus in your life."That.



As a management staff who will make sales from brokerage fees and PATOLO usage fees in the future
Even if I haven't actually met the users, it's something I strongly hope for.

So I've met men and women of various patterns.


・ A 62-year-old man (Shibuya) registered with the Pikatsu app for the purpose of marriage
・A 65-year-old lonely man looking for a lover (Hachioji)

🔻 female
・ A beautiful woman who was wondering whether to act as a daddy or not, and chose not to do it.
・ A friend who used to live mainly with deli and soap and Pikatsu adults.



I will write about this next time.
Please read if you feel like it✨

Yuna Seki

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