June 08, 2023

[Men who are doctors] The reality of raising children and temporary healing

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Doctor: The reality of raising children and temporary relief


I would like to talk about this topic.


Even for me, who was originally one of the concierges at Universe Club.
I have fond memories of some members.


I don't think it's possible to get citizenship if you're an active father, just like in Japan's mekake system.


However, it is an undeniable fact that in the real world there are men who are having fun with their second and third women, not just in daddy activities, but also in affairs and cheating.


Of course, people who don't have affairs or cheating don't do it.



There are people who have affairs, so it's good to be a dad.

I don't mean to say anything like that,
・Don't just cut people off just because you didn't do it yourself.
・It may all be a matter of results.
・Maybe something is wrong. (But maybe not.)


That might be close.



One of the men who left a deep impression on me was the doctor who was the subject of this article.


That was a few years ago, and since I've moved around to different areas, I've forgotten my name and don't even know if I'm still a member or not.


However, the episode when it arrived left a very strong impression on me.



This person said that he usually works as a doctor.


They got divorced a while ago and are currently living with their children.


Personally, I have the impression that doctors are busy, but this person seemed to be busy as well.


It depends on each person whether the child follows the wife or the husband in such a situation, so personally I only thought that it was the result of the situation, but for the man,


``Nowadays, women can earn money and live on their own.''


I remember him saying something along the lines of:


Regardless of whether it is good or bad to be discouraged from divorcing due to financial concerns, it seems that your ex-wife was able to manage on her own and decided to divorce despite her own wishes.



I haven't heard anything about the discrepancy or what caused it.




I think that men in social clubs tend to be younger than the median age.


I don't remember exactly, but I think he was in his 40s.


Although the child was not that young, I think he was still in elementary school or middle school.




Since I'm single, I don't think there's any reason for me to be criticized for dating a woman, but as an adult, it takes a lot of effort to meet someone outside of work.



I don't even want to get married,



Work is quite busy,



With a dating club, you can check the photos, videos, and profiles of the women you like from the membership site. At that point, you can narrow down your preferences to a certain extent, come up with a few possible schedules, and ask, and the first date goes smoothly. Confirm.



When you try to meet someone on your own, it takes a lot of time, money, and effort to get a date, whether it's through introductions, joining a community, or just going to bars.



Busy doctors don't have that luxury.



It's not a serious relationship, and you just want to have fun, so if you can solve it by spending a little more money, time is more valuable.




Having a club in between doesn't make it completely safe, but it does provide a certain filter.For both men and women.



Since we met with that intention to some extent, things went smoothly after we met.


Even if you don't feel the same way or the conditions don't match, it's a far cry compared to approaching someone who isn't looking for anything at all.



Again, they don't have the passion to try so hard to impress the other person.




I want to make healing flowers bloom in the schedule that happens to be empty in my busy days with work and childcare.



I can't say that at work, but I can say it here.





If we can help these kinds of people, then I think the dating club and PATOLO have some meaning.



This is what motivates me to continue working today.


Thank you always for your support.

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