[Manga] Daddy-katsu staff also do not specialize in romance①

Hello everyone,

Yunako Seki is a tweeting monster from PATOLO support.


If I have time, I watch X, which has become a hot topic in the dad-hunting community.

I'm looking for a person's tweet.


A while ago, I would give a 5 each time I ate a meal, and only to one person.

Mr. Setsu became the center of attention.

I wonder if the recent tweets were creating a hot topic...?

There are rumors that this is the case, but I hope that's not the case.


Also, lately I've been wearing it as my dad's clothes.

I wonder if that cheap online shop GRL exists or not, Pooks-chan.

It was springing up.


I'm the type of person who thinks there's nothing special about me.

I share the same opinion as Koichi Domoto of Johnny's (now Smile Up) who said, "It's cloth!?" that is becoming obsolete.


Well, when it comes to coats and other things that are a matter of life and death related to the cold.

I also buy some nice things.

Don't worry about other people, just work on yourself.Yo,

What I think is

Only me?




This is off-topic, but the Universe Group has

There is a man who is doing his best in his love life.


that name as well···


Mr. 〇〇.

I don't want to reveal my name, so I'll keep it a secret.

If we don't protect his reputation, we won't be able to turn it into a series.



I hope you enjoy reading it.






It's not really worth it.

But I'm sure there are people who watch it because it's scary.


Rather, read other articles and become the main character of this manga.

I would like you to use this as a


Have a nice kakin❤︎



Yuna Seki


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