June 05, 2023

iPhone 15 has been released.

I'm Mitsui from PATOLO Support, and I've been using iPhone ever since my first smartphone.


The iPhone 15 series was released the other day.

I thought, “Wow, I want a new iPhone!” ! !

Following the iPhone 14 series, I decided to continue using the "iPhone 13 mini" which I am currently using as the mini series has not been released lol


However, it was very attractive that the camera function has been improved with this series update.

I usually take my camera with me when I go out, and I think the current iPhone has the same or better performance than a regular camera.


After all, the recent iPhone"The image quality is too good"


It's so beautiful that I want to comment a little, saying, "I can clearly see even the pores!" (surprise)




Which do you prefer when comparing photos taken with a smartphone camera or a single-lens camera? ?



Personally, I'd say iPhone, but I like taking photos with single-lens cameras.


There are pros and cons to each.



So, changing the question, which one do you like more about PATOLO's profile picture? ?


・True photos taken with a smartphone camera!


・Photos taken with a single-lens camera in the studio!



I personally took this photo with my smartphone camera.Preference!

I think if you get to know how you really feel, there won't be so much of a gap when you go on a date!





I would be happy if there were more photos of supporters. (Voice from heaven)




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