Isn't iPhone SE good?

Is cheers for good work.

This is Oda from PATOLO support.


This time it's a complete failure, or maybe it's easier.


Isn't iPhone SE good?

I would like to proceed with the topic.


In the first place, it doesn't have to be an iPhone, it doesn't have to be an Android, it doesn't matter.

My current main mobile phone is the iPhone SE 2nd generation.



There are times when I feel like I'm being made fun of.

Shall I tell you about my iPhone?


I feel like that's what people think.



no thanks. lol




At times like that





No, since when have you started using an iPhone? Is it only recently?


I think to myself.




The first time I saw an iPhone was about 17 years ago.

I was working at a restaurant in Nishiazabu.

It was the first time I saw a customer's iPhone.

I think it's probably around the first or second generation.



I started using it myself

About 15 years ago now

This was at a time when only Softbank was selling them.


In terms of model, it was 3GS.

iPhone 3Gs

The back is slightly rounded

It had a silhouette and design somewhat similar to an iPod.


Around this time, I also changed models every two years at the timing of S.


4S, 5S, 6S...

iPhone 4S

iPhone 5s

iPhone 6s


At first, I had fun using the app, so I started experimenting with things like AR and maps.



I was getting pretty tired of the 6S, and even if more features were added, I didn't really use them, so I didn't really feel the need for them anymore.


So I don't have a 7 and I feel like I just used the 6s for a long time.



I was about to drift away from my iPhone, but I was drawn back to it again.


iPhone X 

iPhone X

It was the first time that facial recognition was installed, the home button disappeared, and the LCD became full-screen.



Perhaps the presentation when it was announced was also good.


Wow, I changed it to X.



Then Corona came.


I think facial recognition works now even if you're wearing a mask.

At that time, authentication would not pass unless the mask was removed, and I ended up having to use a passcode to unlock it, which was frustrating.



During this time, iPhones are getting newer and newer every year, but I can't seem to keep up with them.


Isn't fingerprint authentication good?

Isn't it better to have basic functions?



So it's the iPhone SE.


I own multiple Android devices and have experience with several devices, but I think the OS I'm most familiar with is iOS.


So, with iOS, you don't need the features that don't exist anymore.




With that,

I am SE, but

I understand most of it, so

Did you tell me about your iPhone? Please refrain from putting too much pressure on yourself.


I don't play high graphic games,

I don't do much with my phone, so

I'm on time!










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