Wash your feet from the dad life industry


Sekiyuna Death from PATOLO support.

Recently, my former colleague Kurono from Universe Group decided to retire.





It was a few years ago (I can't remember how many years ago)

The memory of being present as a secretary during the interview when I joined the company came back to me.


During the interview, my first impression was that he was a very bright, energetic, and cheerful man.



And it's also an IT company.

I don't like it, PC is noticeably weak lol 

Typing is soooowwwwwwwww



That was my second impression.


And I misheard you say that dancing was your hobby.

I recognized it as pole dancing.


workman! ?This guy can pole dance! ?

Bewitching character! ?


My third impression surprised me.

I have many memorable memories, but they are all very strong.




A lot of things happened at Universe Club Fukuoka Branch.

The Fukuoka branch is not a branch that has a lot of turnover.


Only one person has quit since I started.

(There was a staff member named Kazuma Hamada)



This is the second person to retire.


So, naturally, I have a lot of feelings towards it, and until now I have worked at other branches.

I cried when a staff member I was close with quit.

This time I cried a lot because it was the same branch.



We held something like a farewell party in Kansai this time.

Mr. Arai (Shinsaibashi staff), who doesn't usually drink, had a red face and was crying.

Seeing how you endured even when you felt dizzy.



Oh, he was truly loved by the people around him.

There's a reason why this person is loved.,I thought.



He is a person who takes the initiative and sacrifices himself to take on the role of being scolded.

But I firmly say what I have to say,

He had a strong core, and his way of thinking was always to put the members first.




Until now, he has been known for his energy, personality, and extremely bright personality and charisma.

He is a person who has carved out a path for himself in life.


There is no one more suited to connecting people.

He was a person filled with many qualities that made people love him.





I would like to thank all the staff inside and outside the branch for providing us with a truly enjoyable time for several years.

Thank you for being a buffer material

Thank you for being a male staff member who doesn't make me feel uncomfortable.

Thank you very much for making everyone smile and getting along well.




If I ever have a chance to meet someone new

I hope I can emulate Mr. Kurono's human skills and treat others.




So, what I want to say is...


I have only worked primarily at the Fukuoka branch.

I don't know, but there are other things that are attractive to each branch and member store.

There are staff who care about people.



Only for a moment of 1 minutes to XNUMX hour during the first interview or re-shooting

Staff who have nothing to do with it

Listen to their lives, hear their motives, and confirm their stance.

You who are in charge right in front of me


i want to make your life better

I think.




And for those who can see the parts of people who don't think of them as people, both in their ideals and in their content.

Good luck with that stance, alone.

I think.





The only person who can carve out your own life is yourself.

How to create someone who will cooperate and support you


Make an effort to be loved.

One of them is

to fall in love with someone yourself


I thought this was very important.

Until the day I retire from this industry, I vow to work hard every day to take care of people.




Yuna Seki

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