[Seki also participates] Love party hosted by Universe Club ★

Thank you very much for your hard work.I'm Seki from the PATOLO division, not working for Universe Club.This time, the Universe Club Fukuoka Branch will hold a love-hunting party-type event, and I will be working as a staff member on the day, which is why I am appearing here. (On the day of the event, such as serving and organizing, talking with women when holding events, interviews, etc.)  
A party for Universe Club Fukuoka members titled [Fukuoka Unicon]!We will inform you about the event outline as soon as possible.

【event date】
Reception 17:30 *Reception completed by 17:50 Start 18:00 End 21:00

Restaurants in Imaizumi *Details will be provided to men who have decided to participate.
【The number of participants】
men 7famous lady 8Total of 15 people * Male members may also meet each other.
【Entry fee】
88,000Yen * This is a style event in which women go around the men's seats in order, including food and drink.
15 minute eachWe have a talk time.Contact information can be exchanged with all participating women!The seats are spaced to some extent, and we plan to prepare partitions so that other seats will not be noticed.

[Participating women]
・20s to 30s ・Gold or higher

■About application
[Application deadline]
2023/06/10(Sat) until 20:00
(The release date was wrong and it's now today... but I'm sure they'll accept it even if it's last minute!)

[Participation lottery announcement]
2023/06/12(Monday) Contact by 20:00

・Please note that it will be a lottery depending on the number of applications.・We do not accept the designation of participating women.・Although it is a format that takes time to talk with a woman one-on-one, there is a possibility that male members will meet each other when entering the store.・Regarding cancellation after payment of the participation fee, we do not refund cash as usual, so we will return it with points.・1% cancellation fee will be charged if canceled on the day before.

[How to apply for participation]
Please contact us by replying to this e-mail, or by e-mail that we have been communicating with the club, and stating that you would like to participate on LINE.If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask our staff.
So if you don't mind, I haven't applied yet!forgot!Please let me know _( _´ω`)_ Peshoseki Yuna

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