[Manga] What women with good reviews have in common

Hello, PATOLO Support

This is Sekiyuna.


I am not very good at content and video editing.

I have a hard time being proactive about Instagram reel videos.


Can you switch by tapping your head like the main character in Fable?

(Who are you asking?)




Hi, this time I'm going back to the basics and it's useful information.

I actually met women with good reviews and interviewed them when I was still active.

Women who keep these points firmly in mind are popular after all.,

I tried to make a manga of a woman who thinks so.


Women who are poorly evaluated by men,

If you think “I don’t feel like people like me;;”, please try incorporating a little bit of it✨


Here you go ♡












How was it?

Your state of mind will always be reflected in your actions, even if your actions cannot catch up.

Even if your heart is not full, they may follow you until your feelings catch up.

(Are you talking nonsense?)


What is this and what is it useful for?

You may think so, but you can meet someone you can communicate with.

Let's do our best to accumulate small actions~~~~✨


Have a wonderful weekend♡



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