[Manga] Examples of rejection from dating clubs (mainly 🌎)

This is Sekiyuna from PATOLO support.

Today I'd like to introduce one of the dad life comics that I publish on X that has received a relatively good response.

I would like to upload it all together like this.


Use hashtags as much as possible (#←things like this)

I have created a series so that you can read or go back.

I can't go back that far in the first place!

If you are interested, please take a look here.


I don't know what criteria are used to reject applicants from outside the Universe Group.

At least a member of the Universe Club that belongs to the Universe Group.

Below are the standards 👇



Registration cancellation/changes 5 or more times


It is a death sentence (not adopted) regardless of whether or not it is done.

The reason for this is that if you are rescheduled many times, both the staff and the men will

I can't believe you anymore when you say "I'm going"from···


What is a trust relationship?

Established by accumulating actions that match words and deedsYou do, right?

How about…?


Mom, you've said it many times, haven't you?

Can you come? Can you come okay? So...I wanted to meet mom...?

If you can't keep your promise, you said you wouldn't go to Disneyland today, right?


Something like 🥺


Only those who can keep their promises can go to the land of dreams.



Yes, there are people who believe in something so much that they want to preach to others.

Let's pray with all our might, not to money or daddy, but to someone who can save us.


Being able to speak TPO means always

It is important for both of you to be together in good health and in sickness.





People who are rude like this will also do it to the men they meet.

“I wish you would tell me...I would fix it... ”Some people may think so.



Can I say that?



Without even knowing this,

It's impossible to take care of yourself so that you can have a pleasant and comfortable date.

I will definitely be rude to other people in other places as well.


Then, if I don't get an offer, they say the staff is incompetent for not recommending me.

I just don't get pushed because I don't have good manners or civility❣




Cats aren't to blame. It's cute.



Can't hold it for an hour?

Even if you go to a club for dad activities without clothes, as long as you have your own cuteness

Isn't there some arrogance somewhere that allows you to pass with ease?

Since this is an introduction to ○○, this is what I've always done when it comes to restaurants at night.

It's been like this before, so I'm sure it's a little okay.


Don't you have that feeling somewhere?




Simply scary.

Is there any point in coming as a couple?

I think it's a movie theater or a bedrock bath ><?


Even if your boyfriend is overprotective, it's scary and you ask him to follow you.

Even if it was his girlfriend, it would be scary,

Codependency is scary too.

I don't know why her boyfriend is okay with her being a dad, but it's scary.

I'm not planning on getting into the beauty department or anything like that, and all that kind of thing is scary.


I wish I could create a style that makes people doubt that anything can happen.

Isn't it normal to drop it?


Please ask yourself this question once.

(I don't think I'll be able to finish the manga in time by tomorrow, so I apologize for the summary)





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