June 28, 2023

[Manga] Do women keep looking for a new dad even after meeting a good partner?

We become indebted to. This is seki from the patolo business department!Today, I'm going to put together a comic about the anonymous question box excitement thread of a certain group that got a lot of feedback last time 🥺✨ What should I hide, even though I'm in the same group,

I'm not good at anonymous questionnaires, That's it...!I don't know why, but... I'm picking up content that is easy to understand even for those who are not registered with the club, and I'm going to ignore the questions that I can't even look at.

Source: Anonymous question box





The last respondent, "I don't know!" laughed.

There are some people who do new reclamation until it stabilizes, but it's super good!

If someone who thinks that appears, I have time to find a new man

I feel like most women are going to disappear 🥺✨


I think it depends on the person, but very

It was helpful for me to study 😄✨


Yuna Seki


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