One in two people are lovers! ? The birth of a personalized matchmaking service

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This is Oda from PATOLO support.



This time, I would like to talk about personalized matchmaking services.




I saw a video like this the other day.






That's what I thought. Be frank.



What I thought was amazing was that the customer who was good at it said that the nosy lady was a hecchan, so it was updated in Reiwa, and people called "matching planners" listened and suggested people of the opposite sex. I thought it was amazing how it worked.


It may be a personal thing, but planner skills are quite amazing skills, and this will form part of the interview, but I will also listen to things like club activities in elementary school and other backgrounds from my childhood. , I thought it was amazing that he was so serious about finding someone he was serious about.




Not everyone will be able to make a decision straight away, but I feel that the ideal form is for planners to communicate with each other in the form of suggestions and advice, and to accompany each other, even though the content of the service may be different.



I guess this is the type of consulting that produces results.




I checked the official website.


This is what is written there.


Personalized matchmaking service "Hitooshi".
A matchmaking professional called a “matching planner” will help you find a match.
Don't immediately match with Hitoshi, take an interview with a planner as the first step in meeting someone.
By sandwiching them together, we promise you that you will find more matches than you could have imagined on your own.
Why not look for a partner with our matching planner?



So that's it.



We promise a match that exceeds your imagination.


It would be great if we could offer something extraordinary to men and women who have never experienced being a father with this level of innovation.













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