What do you do if someone close to you sees dad life negatively?

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What do you do if someone close to you sees dad life negatively?


I would like to talk on the theme.


What if

Even if it is said, there will be positive people and negative people in the world, people who are indifferent and people who do not know.


Although it means that
What should you do if someone close to you has a negative attitude toward your activities?
That person is that person's dear friend (or family),
Some people may be worried about it.



like thatI hope that I can be of some help to those who are having trouble.


no offense to the other person
It is true that the more important the other person is to you, the more annoying it is.



do i have to take one or the other?I don't think it's necessarily the case, but I think it's a good opportunity to clarify your reasons and goals for doing dad activities, so calm down, take some time, and try not to get emotional. Be careful and let's face each other.



First of all, it is important to listen to the reason and background of the negative view of the person.This is because the method of approach differs depending on the reason why the person views Papa-katsu negatively.

In general, people who have a negative view of papa activities may have a negative image because they tend to be socially taboo.


In addition, women who do papa katsu may be aiming for self-actualization and economic independence.I would like to communicate with the other party to see if I can respect the opinions and positions of these women.



On top of that, when doing dad activities, it is important to work with solid rules and routines after considering safety and risk management.It is also necessary to be aware of what you want to do and not to cause trouble for the people around you, and to practice thorough self-management.


"What do you want to do in the end?"


If I say that, the story will end, but it seems necessary to face myself in order to make the core part clear to myself.



I think it's a valid reason that she genuinely likes older men, or that she thinks the people she's met are nicer and better, regardless of age.


In that case, if you can tell that to the other party, it is a good way to talk about such circumstances.



If it's hard to talk, let's tell them together that it's hard to talk.


If you are an important person, you should be an important person to the other person.

Is a person who can't cherish the feelings of such an important person really an important person?


Even if you have the courage to confide in someone, if they deny it by bringing up general theories or social trends, it is doubtful whether that person is really important to you.


If the other person reacts more than necessary and is angry or upset, the problem of anger, the issue, is the other person's problem, not yours.


I'm sure it's possible that something related to love or dating has caused a failure or unpleasant feeling.
But it's the story of the person's experience, and it's something that person has to overcome, so you don't have to be dragged.



I think that the man I met through matching and who I think is a good person is also an important person.
I want both of them to remain important people as much as possible.



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