Quick: PATOLO has finally been pre-opened.

Thank you always for your support.
This is Oda from PATOLO support.

This time

Finally PATOLO pre-opened.

I would like to talk about the theme.



What is PATOLO

What is PATOLO again?

"Let's get the best of the matching app and the dating club!"

It was a project that progressed in the concept of.



Most of the staff who are currently supporting PATOLO have been doing what they can little by little since October last year.


The concept of the app and the development of the app itself have already started

(Probably from around the summer of 2022 last year)

I think it started.




Initially, we were planning to release it in April, but we were preparing for the release, but after growing and growing, we finally reached the pre-opening on 4/7 (Thursday).


We were able to have more than XNUMX member stores newly enter, and it has become a matching platform with more than XNUMX member stores participating, including each branch of Universe Club.





Although "pre-open", all functions are available.
However, since it is expected that there will be days of improvement and improvement for the time being, we are preliminarily.


It's not about the official release, but about why it's "pre-opening", but in fact, it's because there is a possibility that the design will change significantly this fall.



There is a trend to improve the appearance design, and we are currently working on that.



I think it's probably "officially released" when it becomes available in the new design.



First of all, we will continue to disseminate information so that users can use it.
Thank you always for your support.


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