I dug into Halloween and dad life.

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I dug into Halloween and dad life.


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Halloween and dad life: A dream combination?

As Halloween approaches, the city becomes abuzz with pumpkin lanterns, costumes, and trick-or-treating.On the other hand, in recent years, fatherhood has become a trend that has gained attention among people seeking love and financial support.So how can these two different worlds come together?This time, let's consider Halloween and dad life.


Halloween charm

Halloween is an event that many people look forward to.Below are some of the charms of why Halloween is loved:

  1. The fun of costumes: For Halloween, you can enjoy costumes that transform you into another character or being.Costumes stimulate creativity and provide a new experience that takes you out of your daily routine.

  2. social opportunities: Halloween parties and events are a place to have fun with friends and family.It's also an opportunity to meet new people, and the social element is emphasized.

  3. children's joy: For children, Halloween is a special day to look forward to, with candy and trick-or-treating.



What is Daddy Life?

Daddy activities, on the other hand, are a different kind of activity.Daddy-katsu refers to a relationship between a young woman (sugar baby) with a man (sugar daddy or daddy) who provides financial support and gifts.This can also be a romantic relationship, but it is characterized by the provision of money or gifts being part of it.Daddy-hunting is based on mutual agreement, and open and honest communication is important.


A fusion of Halloween and dad life

Halloween and dad activities may seem different from the outside, but they actually have some things in common.Let's think about it.

  1. Freedom of costume: Costumes are one of the fun parts of Halloween, but sugar babies are also expected to express themselves in new ways and bring out their charm.

  2. New encounter: Halloween parties and events provide an opportunity to meet new people.Similarly, Daddy Live offers an opportunity to meet new people and learn from different backgrounds and experiences.

  3. fun and adventure: Halloween is an opportunity to pursue fun and adventure, and being a dad is also part of the adventure of seeking new experiences and possibilities.




It seems difficult to start something on Halloween, like meeting a dad-like man or PJ on Halloween.
For a young person, a one-night love affair at a club may have been the result of an encounter on Halloween, but in that sense it seems to have little to do with dad-hunting.

Halloween and dad activities are events that are enjoyed in different contexts, but I found that they have something in common.Both offer new experiences, encounters, adventures, and opportunities to enrich your life.Both are worth having fun and participating in, but I think it's important to always focus on consensus and honesty, and to enjoy them in a way that aligns with your values.


I wasn't able to dig into it fully this time, but I personally think there is something interesting about its compatibility with events.
This is because in Dad-Katsu, the men are mainly older, but they are actually married, and in some cases, the men have families.

At such times, some people do not participate in activities because they have schedules with their families for events, weekends, holidays, etc., while others are able to participate because there is an event or their family is away. You may also be there.

This is similar to normal love affairs, but there may be times when it is easier to invite someone out, or it may be easier to get someone to invite you out.
For example, it's Christmas, so why not have a meal?It's the season of autumn leaves, so why not go to Kyoto?As someone who is on the receiving end of an invitation like this, it's good if you have a reason to excuse yourself or, depending on the situation, to those around you, that it can't be helped or that you're okay with it.It seems easier to say.

OK.I think that being easy to say is quite important.
I don't have any problem with answering, but it's easier to respond to a suggestion like ``Would you like to go to ●●?'' rather than ``When are you free?''


I sincerely hope that you can make good use of Japan's four seasons and events.

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