Report ⚠ You are making fun of people. impossible.

Good evening!

This is Matsuzaka from PATOLO support (*^^*)



I didn't know where the meeting place was, Cerulean Tokyu Hotel, so I told them my preferred meeting place was in front of Shibuya Station Hachiko.

Then, he told me that he didn't know where it was, so I told him about it with a picture.

"You can find out by looking it up on your smartphone."

They said.

I'm making fun of people. impossible.



There was a report like this.



trulyCerulean TokyuDidn't you know where it was?

Meeting points may also be designated to take transportation from the dining location into consideration.



You should have researched it before telling them your wishes and if it is not convenient for you, you should have told them your wishes along with the reason.

Of course, this is true since we live in an era where if you have a smartphone, you can get directions on foot.

The fact that I don't understand Hachikomae is also a too random answer...



Either way, this situation leaves Hachiko stunned when deciding on a meeting place.

I don't think anything good will happen if we actually meet, so I hope both of you can move on, thinking that you've prevented a mismatch (*^^*)



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