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I was able to get to the store early (thank you Omi Beef TATSU Ginza),

The remaining two and a certain X-Ra man who had already met up at Misdo,

🐼 Chan, U-chan, and Aka-san walked to the store and met up with the two (X-ra) who had already entered the store.

Then I met up with Hamuko in front of the store.




"Ja... Djungarian?"





A clear voice, a voice that is comfortable to listen to. It was a bird-like voice that I wanted to hear forever.

How did you use x (formerly Twitter) when you saw a small rat in front of a store?

I thought so, but contrary to the name, it was more like a bird song. Cute, I like it.



It's terrifying but similar.Jealous.

Moreover, he is a successful college student and has nothing but dreams and hopes.

Also, it's a big difference from me who has no choice but to die, and from my point of view, the only future in my life is the near-death event.

The halo shines so brightly that I can no longer see my face. It's emitting too much light.

Glowing skin dripping with water and oil, well-manicured curly hair, and birdsong. I truly envy her.



The outfit looked exactly like this.


Take a seat. The seats were split (4 and 5 people), so

suddenly with womenLet's divide by gooper!do.


Me and U-chan.

Hamuko and 🐼ko.

(Sna-chan will join us 500,000,000 years later)


We happily put on our paper aprons and toasted to Omi.(Oumi) CowI arrive at



It's delicious, but...



No matter what I eat, as long as I have delicious alcohol, I can eat deliciously.

I don't think it's worth it to eat something good, but it was delicious.

Even though I had gastroenteritis-like symptoms, I didn't feel sick to my stomach and it was delicious.



Oseki asks you to introduce yourself and tell us your favorite type.


Mr. K, an intellectual post man.


"My name is K. My favorite type is light blue underwear."













!! ?

what up! ?



Suddenly, he made a claim that I couldn't tell whether it was a joke (to be popular) or something serious! !

Kyouteki has appeared!

That's what it feels like.






And from that intellectual post, the statement was completely unexpected and unthinkable.

I was a little dismayed, and in my heart"Should I say yes, Janga Janga Janga...?"I ask my other self.






this is···

Let's quickly take our turn

In fact, that's the only option.




Aka wearing a bright red sweater



"I married PJ."



Tsu, too strong lol

What kind of trick did you use, what kind of secret techniques did you use to reach that point against PJ who was basically just trying to make money?


As expected, after ``deciding on the meal unit price of about 10,000 yen'' in the group chat LINE



``I would be happy if you chose the lower (cheaper) course!

I don't know if it will be available on the day, but there will also be champagne, wine, and additional options (limited menu).

If a woman makes a request, or a shop opens the business, someone will probably ask for it.

I would be happy if the management side refused.

I think it would be nice if you could say something like, ``Please use this when you two meet.''


The reason for choosing the course below is that it will be easier to convince everyone, including women, if you explain this to them.

We would like to hold this event regularly in the future, but if the burden on men increases, it may be difficult to attract participants next time. ”



I just received a DM.




I wish I could send it in a group chat.

It's even more confusing❢❢ 





I can't look good, but I want to look good.

Do you have any good stories about such insects?❢❢



Private parties are held by individuals as a courtesy.

I'm not a group party management staff or anything. (This does not include expenses)

I work at 🌎, but even if it's a joke, it's still PJ.


Besides, if this was held at Universe, it wouldn't cost this much.

Because of this, p-modoki who are trying to get their money back at a low price can't be bothered.








That's what I thought, but when I met him, my impression changed 180 degrees.

He's such a good guy! !


``Although I was an adult until I got married.

After getting married, I somehow couldn't become an adult...💦I felt bad for my wife (;´・ω・)」




That's really true in a good way.

(Sorry to all the married people who are working as dads, I'm not trying to pick a fight.)That's right! !! !!



I have only good impressions of him as a good guy.

I look a lot like my friend Yamakawa (my comedy master *his talk was so funny that he ended up being the most popular girl at a love event by talking about shellfish, and so on).


There are things you won't know until you meet them.





Then, just as we were about to change seats, Sana-san arrived after work.


It has a flowery atmosphere, as if a flower has suddenly bloomed there.

Has a strong face. She is an announcer who is both beautiful and cute.


そ し て,Appearance is softAlthough she is a cute and beautiful woman, there is no glimpse of her inner strength.

fearlesshonestly say how you feel, is good at turning the situation around.

Butwoman's charmA very attractive woman.



For this woman anyway,

I want you to eat the meat I grilled,It was his single-mindedness.




As for the remaining two men,

One is a refreshing type and the other is a sexy type and is just a good person with a hint of sex appeal.

I don't remember the conversation after we changed seats (don't you remember?)



Anyway, listen carefully to what people are saying.

Mr. Y(S) answered with a smile, and Mr. T responded gracefully while quietly tilting his glass.



Mr. Y has a face that makes it easy to draw a portrait.

Reminded me of old Mickey Mouse. The kind that takes your brain to dreamland.

I think your image and concept is probably that of a tiger, but it doesn't feel like a tiger at all. I want the tiger to apologize or make him apologize.




↓Self image


↓Actual image



Regarding Mr. T,

After drinking his first drink, his skin turned a deep red, but he said he was not intoxicated at all.

He was an alcoholic, sexy boy with no connection between physical strength and skin color.




It probably blends into the dusk so much that it is no longer visible from dusk to night.

It blends into the background too much.

(I want to say that he looks cool, but he has turned into a red demon)





And because it is a large giant with a height of 3 meters, a woman'swall mariaIt also breaks through easily.

It's a later story, but I guess he was the most popular one.



As the night progressed, I drank a glass of wine at the second bar and left.

(I went to a number of izakayas called Ikoto Tori where I went for drinks at work, and by the time I arrived, I was back to sobriety.)



But at this meeting, there were so many men who were so much fun to spend time with.

(It may be different if it is 1:1)

The area around Pikatsu is as wide as the ocean, the prairie, and the sky.




If you look for it, you might find a man who suits you, and even more.

There may be some men who think you are ideal.



I felt like I had been shown that possibility.



However, I was tired because I spent countless hours thinking about things like gathering people, planning, and choosing a store.

I didn't have the participation fee(Thank you for everything like arranging someone's cough, I was betting on this...)


I'll never be able to go to a dating party with a dad who sends messages via X.

Please invite me to a meeting where you can take care of me too.


That's all for the report.























Portraits of the men below



Reason for the popular name: Women seem to flock to it because of their attractive tweets.



Reason for the common name: As mentioned above


Reason for the common name: Type of app used


Reason for the nickname: Because he seems happy to be teased


If there is a man you would like to meet, please DM me ✨

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