[Manga] Daddy activity group report 3

I work every day, and to be honest, there hasn't been a day in the past year that I haven't worked at all.



In the middle of a whirlpool of effort that I am proud of having put my heart and soul into my work,

I thought I was updating my body while beating the whip, but a certain talented-looking woman from X told me.


“Who is Oseki-chan’s persona? I have no idea what I want to write...'What

“Be clearer about what you want to write and write it.”



Get results❣



It was a shock. It felt like her head had been blown out. It stung.

Yes, we have to produce results.(What?)

You have to write what people want to read and what everyone thinks will be useful.

In this blog, I would like to share useful information for women who are using the Internet, including X, to become fathers.

And it will be completed by the end of February. (ends with next)



We finally ended up joining one of the men.

It's really weird to use 4 frames every time I meet someone, so I end up writing it down right away.


👇Click here to meet Aka-san and active dad girls

(I was so nervous before going to 🚽 and meeting up.

(My timing was too bad for the participants to arrive while I was going to the toilet...)



👇🐼Chiko-chan and Participant A were talking.

And then 🐼 also gets up to go to the bathroom and touch up her makeup.

Me and Participant A were left behind...




This is how we met.

It's silent. And I really wanted to hide the fact that I was a nuisance.

(Because he's the ugliest...if someone else could take over the burden, it would lighten his load.)

So I decided to hold a Liar Game by myself.







My non-cough PR was safely shattered,

The Liar (lie) game ended instantly. die. It's over.

There's nothing you can do about the ridiculousness of me saying "It's not a cough" using an overly simple method of elimination.


And finally, I met my first girl...I was so excited...


"We have arrived at Misdo." 

As soon as I glanced at it, I knew where it was.







Although she doesn't have the artistic talent that I have, she was a very lively and cute woman with a very lively personality.

Mr. Uko had sea urchin and salmon roe on his head, and when he gets hungry, he eats from there to replenish his nutrition.

It's all a lie.

Are you continuing Liar Game, me?



She was a very charming woman.

I don't even make a disgusted face.


When I checked the day before, there was no contact for a certain period of time, so I used LINE for women.

“U-ko-chan is ignoring the read! (I wanted to say it was marked as read)

When he saw what I had sent him, he forgave me without a single disgusted look on his face.



When we met, I was a lazy old woman, but"very cute"He praised me.

``Before I met her, I thought she was a terrible old woman.''Tomo.

They gave me so much praise that I didn't have time to wonder who was really thinking.


It doesn't matter if it's a formality or not,

For trying to make me feel comfortableBut more than anything I'm happy


Yes, I felt like an uncle.


You look young, or we have a lot of fun together, or you're cool, or you're amazing.

I don't even think I'm the kind of person who would be talked about like that.


I'm glad that the woman in front of me is so considerate and trying to make me feel good..


I was on the verge of tears.

And women who can show such subtle consideration will be highly valued in any industry (daytime or nighttime).

It is determined by the principles of this world.


And I was most comforted by her that day.

I really wanted to meet them again when they broke up.

I'm sure she has many friends. 🐼My child also praised me a lot.



Finally everyone gathered. Form a circle.


Women 👇





Energetic healing type u-ko


Fucking young pj Hamuko


2 meters tall pj 🐼 child



Human being in the public eye Sina


To be honest, it's really my fault...


cute type 2

Beautiful 2

+I just said, ``I'm the end of the world.''



Everyone gathered. The place was set.


(Due to work commitments, Sna-chan will join us later)

The women's details are private,

I'll write about the technique in a one-panel comic at a later date using #MotePJTechnique, and I'll just write an outline of it.


Next time, it's all about the punch line,

The event ends with the introduction of the men, the content of the conversation, and their impressions.


Is this what I want to convey this time?





to be continued. (Don't worry, it'll be over next time)

Yuna Seki

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