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At that time, I was having fun drinking with a female friend in my hometown of Fukuoka, a rural town.


For some reason, I have a wide variety of friends, or rather, I have friends, but at the age of 83, it's been two or three weeks since I started hanging out with female friends from my local junior high school. They are bad friends, so to speak, based on middle school classmates who didn't know how to put words into words, and who used to be in the same class and wonder, ``I wonder if ○○ will come today.''



What are you doing now between tests? When I emailed her, she immediately replied, ``I'm at the amusement park with Shota (her friend's girlfriend)!'' When she was in her first year of junior high school, several women suddenly called her up.

"He (Tsukamoto) is my boyfriend... you understand, right? She kept saying ``Give me it, give it to me'' until she said ``Yes'' to get the pencil cap that had a . There are no ruts, and we talk about old stories and current love affairs until the morning. Sometimes she would bring her children, sometimes just the adults, and sometimes she would invite local friends.



"somedayto me"I was always afraid of you, I always thought you could see through me."said Mr. Otsubo, my 4th grade teacher, when I was promoted to the next grade.

"What was that statement? Did you mean it? Hey"That's what I want to hear.''





I ate chicken while thinking about such unproductive things, chatted with my classmates, and enjoyed beer while having a chat with my classmates about the next drinking party.

"Yamashita will be coming to the drinking party next time too? If so, would you like to bring some back to Nagasaki in honor of the lantern festival where pig heads are mysteriously decorated and enshrined?"

I let out a hurtful laugh, no, it was just a fat-swearing thing I'd said too often, and just as I let my words hang in the air, I noticed that I had received a LINE message from a beautiful panda girl from PJ.



“Have you decided on a shop?”


I have to decide (face color)


Restaurants where you don't have to take off your shoes in a private room on Hana Friday seem to be in demand from everywhere and are thriving, and the moment I tried to make a reservation online to see if there were any vacancies, the next moment they were booked. The men told me about their recommendations and their favorite shops. Why bother? I would like to thank the men who researched this and made suggestions.

And of course, even though I'm used to regular group parties, I don't have any familiarity with Tokyo, so I'm not sure what kind of things to do to hit the key points for women who want to be dads, and to have a sense of openness where their personal space is protected while they can enjoy it to a certain extent. I can't even predict it in the slightest.



I am always grateful for the presence of 🐼, who supported me as my right-hand man and as a friend.

“I’m glad I have this girl…I hope a good man comes along.”

The days continued like this, as I closed my eyes and recuperated through sleep while praying the prayers of the saint. (This is not a diary of a battle against illness)




This time, there was a moment when I suddenly thought that if I pay attention to things like this, people will think that I can do better.

that is···


``Check your favorite brands of beer and highballs''

``Make sure you have clothes that men like...''



beer maker'sBI didn't even pay attention to the characters. Nosuke was astonished.


Title: I am accumulating

I was also stunned by the thoughtful message that tickled men's hearts, saying, ``I want to know what the men like.''

For someone like me, who has never had a style and clothing style that suits men's preferences,

I can't do anything if someone suggests wearing a miniskirt or a seashell bikini.




If there is a man who has expressed some ulterior motive or a request that makes it difficult for him to direct his attention, it's just...``Stop laughing''I say this and head out in a ghillie suit.

No, I think I'll go with sniper style. I want to know what my clothes look like."Naked" "Sniper" "Ghillie Suit"There are three choices. Too minimalist.

By the way, when it comes to clothing preferences, I think that ``slightly erotic'' and ``proper announcer type'' are the two most common.

In terms of the cards I have, I have two options: naked and ghillie suit. Which one should I go with...


When I was undecided, the more I met the more I met a woman in my early 60s, who probably liked it more, sent me a photo of a super sexy dress (mini length) and said, ``I'll go with this.''

A fit-looking woman in her early 20s responded, ``I'll go with the mini-length too♡.''


If that's the case, I'll go with a ghillie suit, too, I typed Pipopa (an old expression, but I wanted to use it) into the women's group line.


 .... (What are you talking about again? Something I don't understand)



There was no reaction except that everyone had read the post.



 .... (pleasure)



It was a thrilling afternoon to see words floating in the air on LINE.



Among the several shops suggested, the shop was Omi Cow Yakiniku Niku TATSU Ginza BranchI decided on this store.

You don't have to take your shoes off, you can enjoy all-you-can-drink in a completely private room, and the course costs about 10,000 yen per person.

Fully equipped with private rooms, you can enjoy all the ``Omi Beef'' from the three major wagyu beefs on the upper floors of Ginza.

``Niku TATSU Ginza Branch'' is a hidden yakiniku restaurant in Ginza where you can enjoy high-quality brand Wagyu Omi beef.

We serve Omi beef, mainly from Ryuo-cho, Shiga Prefecture, which is the oldest of Japan's three major Wagyu beefs and is procured through our own route. It is written.



If you have a chance to go,

“Hmm, this is where the old ladies were having a blind date.”I want you to think like this.

I want to feel like a store introduction influencer, and I also want to be relieved of my regrets when I was told that I was talking about Omi beef and that Yarako's name was ``Oumi.''


``I always think that the expression ``procured through a unique route'' sounds like a secret organization.''The boy inside me, who has such an ignorant sensibility, is aching for his chuunibyou nature.

Since we were so excited and arrived in Ginza too early, 🐼ko and I decided to have a girls' night out, so we decided to join another girl's night out.

The arrival of Kaisen-chan (pseudonym)Misdo (Ginza store)I decided to wait there. My stomach is full.

For a while now, the phrase from a popular song about how our stomachs and backs will touch each other had been circling around in my stomach instead of in my head, and we were no longer able to have a conversation.


``I'm hungry...'' I think of the feelings of children in poor countries who can only eat hard bread.

Although children in the Philippines harvest bananas, they have never eaten the fruit, and only eat the peel and stem.

I waited for the time to pass while thinking about these things.




Just when I was feeling sad, I suddenly received an open chat notification from a guy on LINE for men.

“Can I join (the girls’ night out) too?”



I never thought he was good at girls' parties (I invited him)

My heart is pounding, what should I do if a handsome man who looks like Wataru Asaka comes along?


What if love started...?

I have a partner...? Forbidden love romance, 9 romances per monthvagina bokkoWill it be...?


With such faint expectations,

"Okay, I think there's a shining woman in front of the door of Missed Ginza store."


After saying that, I left the panda cub alone and went to the bathroom.

Dango over flowers? No, I feel like urinating more than a man.


to be continued

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