Do you have one without rubber?should i get it?

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Do you have one without rubber?should i get it?

I would like to talk about





Conclusion: None.I would like to ask

Just as people have different tastes in food and clothes, they also have different tastes in sex.
Certainly, when the rubber is attached and when it is not
walking barefoot on the floor
It's different from walking on the floor in socks
Naturally, I think that the amount of information that the skin senses varies, including cold and warm.

However, there are still things to worry about.



-Risk of unwanted pregnancy
・Risk of infection
・ Other et cetera related to the above





The only possibility is that both sides want it

When asked how likely it is

I can't say anything about that, but

If the two of you want to do that, I don't think it's something that other people should say.




If you dare to consider rubberless positively,
On the female side, taking the pill comes to mind.
Personally, people who are used to handling pills are experienced seniors,
Considering the total number of women, I think that there are few people who have the experience to deal with that.




You can't go if you don't have a prescription or take it exactly.

I wonder if there are people who are used to drinking.




What should I do if I become pregnant?
・ How to perceive the risk of infectious diseases



I have to think about this too.



There have been cases like this in the past.


It's not a case of not recommending rubberless condoms, but as a story that actually happened in connection with rubber-related condoms,


XNUMX. Rubber allergy

XNUMX. I will claim the hospital bill because I am pregnant.



As for XNUMX, I have encountered several cases where men were told why they cannot use condoms.
If you're really allergic, in severe cases, latex allergy can cause anaphylactic shock, so you can't touch rubber.

However, that does not mean that you should not force the insertion of the child in person.Either way.


There are condoms made with ingredients other than natural rubber, so I suggested that one, but they said they didn't want to use it because it was uncomfortable.
Are you sure it's not an allergy?However, depending on the time and situation, there are times when it is not good to pursue too much, so I think it ended with "I will be careful". .


I don't know what happened after that, but since I haven't heard anything in particular, I've been in a relationship only with people who understand my life, whether I gave up my activities for treatment, or I used rubber other than natural rubber. I think you either proceeded and were careful not to be pushy.



By the way, in the past, there were people who wanted to live because of some kind of illness or treatment, saying, "My sperm is dead, so it's okay." In the same way, there were cases where women understood that they were too scared to believe how much they would believe if they suddenly said that when they first met, so please be considerate.





XNUMX. This is a story about a complaint from the woman's side, but of course, if you have an unwanted pregnancy, the only thing you can do is decide what to do in the future while discussing it with the two of you. but

In some cases, it was doubtful whether the pregnancy was actually conceived.
After having a relationship, it is a composition that the woman claims the man for medical expenses, etc., but it was decided that it was somehow suspicious.


It's true that even if you wear a condom, you can't prevent it 100%, but there seems to be a danger of raw insertion in such places.

Of course, it's bad for the person who shakes you to have your weaknesses grasped and to be blackmailed, but if you proceed with desire, you may be able to develop a development that says, "You were raw...".

I can't say that it's okay to use rubber, but I would appreciate it if you could guess about the use of rubber.





What did you think.

This time

I talked about "Do you have rubberless? Should I wear it?"


No rubber.I would appreciate it if you could have rubber, but how about it?


Ultimately, it's up to the two of you, but it's an important matter that tends to cause trouble, so I'd like you to consider once again how to respond if something happens.


I would appreciate it if you could refer to something.
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