What is suitable for a gift, what is not suitable

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What is suitable for a gift, what is not suitable


I would like to talk about the theme.

Do you need a little gift mainly from women to men?

It is the content of the purpose.


・Since it's going to be a date, I thought I'd give you something, but I didn't know what to prepare.

・I'm worried that it might actually become a nuisance.


I would like to delve into it so that it can be a reference for such people.




Gifts don't have to be separate


For menI don't think that a woman is a good woman if she has a gift from her, and a bad woman if she doesn't.


Basically, I don't have any particular expectations there.
I'm not dating or matching to get gifts from women,Don't worry about it at all.


So, if you don't know what to buy or are worried that it will be a nuisance, you don't want to spend time, effort, or money looking for a gift, so forget about the gift and have a good relationship with the other person. It's better to think about what else you can do to stay in a relationship.



Do gifts make sense?

If asked, the answer is "no".

In other words, a gift is a gift and a way to do it,It doesn't make sense at all.


However, as a projectile element,Useful for small surprisesI thought so, so I prepared it.I think it's effective to use it in such a flow.


In other words, in a rut, for the time being, whatever you want, you can hand it over.would be polite.

Gifts prepared in such a way will be passed on to the other party, so I think they will probably be thrown away.


Are gifts embarrassing for men?

This depends on the situation and values ​​of the other person, but I don't think it's annoying enough to make them feel uncomfortable, but gifts that don't have any particular meaning don't mean anything to men, so I just leave it as it is. I believe it will be digested.


In other words, if it can be used as luggage, I think it can be thrown away, and if it is a small food, such as a small amount of chocolate, and the man likes sweets and just wanted to eat it, I think he will eat it. , Otherwise, I can't give it to people, so I think it's been discarded.



By the way,You don't have to be too shocked by the discard itself.
Since it is a gift, it also means that the other person is free to do whatever they want with what you gave them, but since they should have received your feelings, it depends on whether they needed it or not. Also, it's okay to be satisfied with the handing side at the time of handing it over, because it's just that it's been accepted and discarded, and it doesn't mean that the act of handing over the gift didn't happen.


In this case, I think there are various ways to throw it away, such as throwing it away in front of you, throwing it away later, or throwing it away while complaining.
In the case of disposal, it seems that it is better to look back on the fact that it was not something that would please the other party or the timing.


The worst thing you can do is repeat the same thing to the same person after something like this happened.
I'm 100% sure you feel like you're trying to annoy me on purpose, whether it's sarcastic or mean.


Therefore, whether or not they were thrown away is just a result, so I don't know the reason right away, but I learned that I'm the type of person who doesn't like easy gifts, so if I find out that they've been thrown away, that's okay. is.


On the other hand, what kind of gifts are effective?

I think it's going to be a story, but I would like to consider it.


This is going to be a bit of an embarrassing story, butThe best gift is a smile and a reactionI'm sick.


After all, women tend to be overjoyed when it comes to dates, meals, and gifts and considerations from men, but in the end most of them are received by men.


I hate this person.You don't have to force yourself too hard on someone who thinks that, but listening to the man's story and reacting well, that kind of thing is more appealing to men.


Of course, there are all kinds of men, so it's difficult to balance things out, such as overreacting, or nodding too much to hear what you're saying, and being thought to be a liar.


in any case,It is very important to think about what kind of attitude, reaction, and behavior the other person is looking for.
All you have to do is share what you think you can do.


Of course, I think women will be attracted to a man who not only agrees, but also perceives and considers various things, so please do your best to build a solid relationship with a man who will do that.



At the end of the date, it is better to send a thank-you message on LINE, saying, "I was able to get on the train safely! Thank you for today. I hope to see you again." is something that is more than you can imagine.



Of course, during the date, I was unfriendly and had a bad attitude, but after the breakup, I sent "It was good♡", but it didn't make sense, so it had the opposite effect. Please be careful with your attitude.





What did you think.

I talked about whether it is better for women to prepare something like a small gift for men as a thank you, or whether it is not necessary.


On the first date, you don't have much information about the other person, so I don't think you need to be particularly careful, including the fact that you don't know if the gift is a nuisance or not.


Although,I think people will appreciate a little surprise, such as remembering the conversations you had during a date and casually handing it over when the time comes, such as the next time you meet.


For example, I would ask someone about their birthday in conversation, secretly memorize it, and give them a small gift when their birthday approaches.And.


Also, if I don't thank you for something, I'm worried that it might be rude.For those who say, this pattern has the meaning of giving a present to the other person for yourself, but there are some things that I don't understand, so what is a small gift that can fit in a bag? Prepare a set of 3 macaroons or something, go on a date, do some research on whether or not you would be pleased with a gift, and when you hit it off, when parting, say, "If you like this, go ahead. Today's gift." I think it would be better to say something like "thank you".


On the other hand, if you go on a date and don't get along, the gift will be rather awkward, so in that case, I think you should take it home and eat it or throw it away. (if it's a macaroon)


I would appreciate it if you could refer to something for those who want to date from now on.

Thank you in the future.



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