What features would you like to see in PATOLO? ?

There is no air conditioner in the room at home, and it is Mitsui who is close to heatstroke ^ ^


The bedroom and living room are equipped with air conditioners, but for some reason I was told not to use air conditioners in the work room when I moved in.



Until last year, I was commuting to the office, so I didn't pay much attention to it.

Working from home this summer is exhausting...💦






Even though I say that, I have to work to improve PATOLO's service!(I'm a company



So here is the main topic of the blog! !


Do you feel any inconvenience while using PATOLO? ?




Even within the team members, we often have conversations about how this is inconvenient and should be fixed, but I still feel that there is a limit...



Therefore, we would like to ask for your support! !






Speaking of PATOLO's real pleasure, I personally think that it is "chat function".


For example,

Want a stamp function like LINE, make the layout cute, change the background, etc... etc.



I'd like to hear your opinion from a little thing to a big function improvement ^ ^



To be honest, PATOLO is hard to use as it is now💦


You can answer the function improvement questionnaire, tell your affiliated store, or contact PATOLO support directly! !


We look forward to working with you to provide you with the best possible service! !














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