About the difference between affiliate (frain) and member store my page

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About the difference between affiliate (frain) and member store my page

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In a past article, I wrote an article about the referral system (affiliate) operated by the Universe Group called Frein.


· "You can now introduce PATOLO through FREIN'


Separately, a page called Member Store My Page has been set up for each member store on the PATOLO official website, and registration applications for each member store can now be made from within the PATOLO official website.


· "Member store my page has been launched'


Both are for users to register on PATOLO, but I felt that there were some points that were a little difficult to understand when looking at them separately, so this time I would like to compare and discuss Frein and member store My Page. I think.




First, regarding Frein, this is an introduction system that is generally called affiliate marketing.
It is run by the Universe Group and can introduce you to Universe Club, Universe Lounge, etc.


I'm talking about what happens when you register with Frein and make an introduction. If you register with Frein, you will be able to use your own introduction URL.
If someone registers for the service from this URL and reaches the point where they can start using it, the system is such that the person who introduced the service receives some compensation as a token of gratitude for the introduction.

Something like a number is embedded in the URL to identify who introduced it.
Through this system, we are able to identify where a person joined through, and we record a thank you (remuneration) based on that information.


On the other hand, there is no particular reward design on the member store's My Page.
PATOLO simply introduces our member stores.
If a person who visits the PATOLO official website looks at the member store's My Page and feels that this member store is good and makes an application, the member store will be contacted, and from there, the member store will be in touch with the member store. The process is for users to start using PATOLO after having an interview at .


First of all, the decisive difference between Frein and member store My Page is the reward and user registration destination.


When it comes to compensation, it simply comes down to whether it involves money or not.
In order to use PATOLO, a user must be registered with one of the member stores, but at the moment, you can only be introduced to FRAIN if you belong to Universe Club.

It is also possible to use PATOLO only, so even if you belong to Universe Club, you can decide whether or not to use Universe Club itself, but you cannot newly register for PATOLO while belonging to another member store. .



Well, why not make it possible to introduce other member stores as well?



that's right!


However, since the referral is in the form of a reward, the franchisee receiving the referral needs to understand.

At Frein, so-called affiliates collect potential users on their sites and blog articles, explain the advantages and disadvantages in the articles, and hope that some of the desired users who view the page will actually be able to do so. This will lead to the application.


Therefore, after the interview, if the person registers as a user and starts their activities, a reward will be paid to the affiliate who introduced them.


Where will this compensation come from?



This is paid by the service provider, such as a social club.



For example, if there is a club called A Club, and if you are introduced to A Club and we are able to acquire one user, we will thank you for the introduction and pay the introducer a reward.


Since Club A received the referral, I think it is normal for Club A to pay a fee to the person who introduced it.


However, if we were to introduce this to PATOLO now, we would have to check with each member store that is already a member.
I'm sure there are some franchise stores that don't want to spend on advertising, so in such cases, why not be able to introduce them to some places and others that you can't?There seem to be various problems.

The rules have changed at headquarters.Therefore, it may be possible to move forward with the request for acceptance, but I think we need to take a careful approach by considering various impacts.


We still don't know how things will turn out after this, but it's convenient for users, attracts more customers for each member store, and we're happy that PATOLO is thriving at the headquarters.I think it would be nice to be in a situation like this.



in any case

Frein, developed by Universe Group, which operates Universe Club and Universe Lounge, etc., has a referral system that rewards you for introducing services within Universe Group.


I am not personally involved in this referral system or the operation of Frain, so if you would like to know more about Frain itself, or if you are interested in becoming an affiliate, please check out Frain's official website or visit Frain. Please contact us through the official website, but if you are interested, please check the official website once.

-Frein official website
*This is not an affiliate link.



If we hear from franchisees that they want us to attract more customers, even if they don't mind having to incur additional advertising costs, we may develop such a system.
If there are any changes, we will notify you on the blog, etc.
Thank you very much for your continued support.

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