You can now introduce PATOLO through FREIN

Hello. This is Oda from PATOLO support.

This time

I started Frain.


I would like to talk about the theme.



what is that?



I think there are many people who say this, so I would like to explain.


Frein is a referral system provided by Universe Group.



Do you know what affiliate marketing is?
This is a system where you can introduce products and services on your blog and receive rewards if they are purchased, but the system is basically the same.


If you register with PATOLO etc., we will pay a reward to the person you introduce.

The name of this mechanism or system is "frain".



This time, it was originally possible to introduce Universe Club, THE SALON, and UNIVERSE LOUNGE within the Universe Group, but now we can also introduce PATOLO.



If a person who is registered with Frein (Affiliate) introduces PATOLO from a link exclusively for that person through a blog or SNS, and if a new person actually registers, we will receive a reward for the introduction at a later date. This is the mechanism by which rewards are transferred.



Not only affiliates whose main job is managing blogs, but also general users who register as users can use Frain to refer friends.



If you are interested, please check Frain's official website.


-Frein official website


In addition, PATOLO is currently preparing a member store My Page in the hopes of attracting more users and member registrations from member stores.


We will introduce you again when it is ready.

Thank you very much for your continued support.


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