A woman who is not me came.


This is Matsuzaka from PATOLO support (*^^*)



"Not the person himselfFemalehas arrived.”



This is a report from a male member.

It's not him! Who exactly is this?



When I checked with the member store I belong to, I was told that it was indeed the person, so I decided to report it to the male member.

"scamI'm surprised it's so fake'

This is an angry message from a male member.



Only self-portrait photos of women with close-up breasts are posted.

The comment section contains rave reviews from the staff members who interviewed us.

Members were expected to meet a 165cm slender beautiful office lady.

In reality, there is no room for excuses as the person's face and body shape are considered to be different people.



It is obvious that this will happen, so please do not upload photos that could be mistaken for someone else.
Although they may be able to obtain immediate sales, women's feedback will be given the lowest rating, and the trust of franchisees will be lost.



However, such reports are only a small part.

I would like to work with all member stores to improve so that the same thing does not happen again (*^^*)


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