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[Introduction of member stores] Membership dating club ForYou

Membership Dating Club ForYou Mr 


Basic information of the club


▽Club name
Membership Dating Club ForYou Mr
▼ Business days and hours
Inquiries and support available 365 hours a day, 24 days a year
▽Available area
All over the country
▼Interview location
Face-to-face interview: If you want a cafe in Tokyo or Osaka, we will interview you on a business trip to Nagoya, Fukuoka, etc.
Online interview: It is possible with LINE's video call function Basically, it seems that online is the main.

▼ Shooting location, shooting method (tool)
Take a photo at the interview or prepare your own photo.In addition, we regularly hold study sessions and exchange meetings related to our activities, at which time we invite photographers to take photographs.

▼Current number of members
Male: 20 people
Female: 700 people
▼ About the staff

The owner owns several companies.Mr. Mitsui
And the representative is a womanMr. Tanaka
The owner (male) I met was very good at his job and was a normal person in a good way.
Unless the atmosphere is intimidating,
not taciturn,
A really flat person, but dignified.
TremendouslyAn objective view of the industryI was able to do it, It was the one who was the one who was the one who was the one who was the one who was the one who was the first one.I would also like to meet women.

★ About the management policy of the club

I was most surprised by clubforyou this time, and I want to push this part.

①Overwhelming strategy
② Girl's consulting and producing ability
③ It is possible to use a unique network where pj can encourage each other

A perk that is quite a plus point.

There is a LINE group for women to exchange informationmatter.the applicant is there
Free consultation and study.I don't mean to teach you tricks or tricks for cheating girls.

“How can I get a man to treat me comfortably?”
“How can I differentiate myself from other women?”

You can learn how to charm yourself and how to appealIt is.I also saw
There is no unpleasant feeling peculiar to women or mounting
I wanted to share information with everyone, and I would like to refer to how to empathize and take measures, starting with Mr. Tanaka, a female business some casesActually holding a workshop for managers (experienced pj)Post-registration support is really good,It was a response that put our company to shame (or absolutely lost).

・ What kind of men are there (if not, are you looking for them?) 
Most of the owners and managers are acquaintances.They are all elite, gentlemen, and have the attitude of learning as men.

・What kind of woman do you want to register?
Appearance is OK with any system and facial features
If anything,focus on personalityHe said he would.Kirakira pj, Minato Ward girls are of course OK
Simple, inexperienced,
Or support and produce for beginners (preferably without adults)
You are good at it.

・What kind of women do you not want to come back?
If you can't distinguish between true intentions and tatemae, you probably won't be suitable.
・ Do you mainly specialize in teens for both men and women? 
Any age is OK... apparently ... As far as I can see the LINE group and data, it seems that there are many people in their 20s and 30s.
Even clubs that are mostly made up of women have more people than they can introduce to their own men.too many,,, that's what it means.

▼Staff comment
5 years in this industryManagement based solely on word of mouthIt is,
This club is recommended for beginners,
It was a club where you can feel safe enough to say that.
Owners will continue to expand the range "for women" in the future
That attitude and business ability that I couldn't help admiring as a member of society was truly impressive.
Thank you for your cooperation in the interview.
We welcome both men and women to consider joining us.

Yuna Seki
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