PATOLO: Dating Feedback 2

since last weekI started giving feedback

This is to let as many people as possible know what kind of people there are and their real impressions.


Although P-life is a dream, it also brings various circumstances and constraints that are not just dreams.

What is required is the ability to understand ``what the other person wants to do and what they are looking for'' rather than what you want to do.

It's not like you can get paid a lot of money just by having a quick meal and smiling.


It only costs as much as it costs to meet with you since there are joining fees and session fees.

Expectations will also rise.

The difference from general apps is that it also places a burden on you in order to ensure safety.

Of course, the expectations for men are different from those on apps.

There are additional expectations for a man who belongs to ♣.


I feel that people who understand this point have gotten very good reviews.

I can see aspects of both men and women being compared and being compared.


“It has to be this kid.”

“I don’t want to let this person go.”


People who can be someone that people think of, whether it's an app, ♣, Universe or PATOLO.

I am keenly aware that I will continue to be in demand.


Please take a look at the feedback from the past few days.

than men






than women



I have started giving feedback. Part 1 is here.


How was it?

*Simple items will be omitted.


Hello, use, date, interesting feedback,

I kindly thank you.



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