[Manga] The staff is erotic, the staff is erotic part 2

Hello, this is Seki from PATOLO Support.


Ladies and gentlemen, have you eaten Nanakusa porridge?


Eat the young buds of seven herbs and take in the vitality of the plants.

It contains the wish for good health.


Of course I haven't eaten it, but it doesn't matter if you eat Nanakusa Gayu or not.

We live in a world where unpredictable things can suddenly happen, so we want to stay safe and healthy.

Let's take care of our physical and mental health so that we can spend as much precious time as possible with our loved ones.


Well, this time, last timeI'm curious about the continuation

This is about the activities of our staff, which many people have said.



What do our beautiful staff think, seek, and obtain?

I’m really looking forward to it (*^^*)

Staff activities: Episode 1












How was it?

It's insane, but having staff like this...

I guess I have no choice but to hang my hat and say that I can no longer compete...


Moreover, he is also very kind on the inside, is good at erotica, and never forgets to be considerate of his partner.

Such a woman picked mushrooms herself and went to a dating club (another company) for an interview.

They are creating stories for us...!


I have nothing but gratitude, and I'm sure it will continue.

Thank you for reading (*^^*)



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