June 15, 2023

[Manga] The staff is erotic, the staff is erotic

Hello, I want sex appeal and breast volume.

I'm Sekiyuna from PATOLO Support who wants to tear off unnecessary fat from your body.


Recently, a relative (my niece or something) has become addicted to munching fruit.



He has been around since my childhood, and has been working hard on the front lines for quite some time.

Mr. Mogimogi Fruits.

I solemnly wonder if the next generation of humans has finally started eating it.

“Please take care of my aunt too.”I said, playing around while eating.


It was like a carp floating on the surface of the water and opening its mouth in search of food.



I'm kind of desperate.


Like some uncles who crave the bodies of beautiful women, and

Just like PJ, who is determined to do whatever it takes to move the money from his uncle's wallet to his own.


What I want to say is

Let's avoid saying things that are objectively offensive., what

If I say this much, will it be summarized neatly?




👆When you want to take a break,

I will post this image as a tsukkomi or h/k.



Well, today I'll leave the topic of dad life alone (huh?)


When I went on a business trip to Tokyo the other day,

Is there anyone on the staff who has experience as a father or as a mistress?


Personally check and consult,


The image was completely based on subjectivity and prejudice.

We interviewed female staff offline.

To my beloved and respected senior...🥺✨


We have permission, so feel free to use erotic (dirty jokes)

"People like this actually exist..."While thinking that

I hope you enjoy reading it.





↓Click here for the manga











< No, it's really a dirty joke.


That's all from the field.

If there is a response, please let me draw the continuation, no, I want to draw it, no, I have to draw it.

I wonder why I went to Tokyo 🥺❣


Have a nice weekend.

PATOLO Support Sekiyuna

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