[Introduction of member stores] Mr. Elenas

▼ Elenas basic/detailed information


▽ Elenas (Club)


▼ Business days and hours


open every day of the year 
12: 00 ~ 21: 00 
*Interviews will be held in a timely manner

▼Interview location




*Completely remote

The flow is LINE exchange → Send profile requirements → Input → Interview TEL (or 📺 call) Confirm details such as hope
→ Profile creation (created by staff → checked by owner)

Photos are taken in a studio or sent by yourself and uploaded
If you do not want to show your face, you can process (hide) your face and upload it.


→ Shooting by a professional photographer at a partner studio after adjusting the schedule (2 people)


👇 Profile items




*Other offers and allowancesall requests, etc.




▼Shooting location/method (tool)


Affiliated studios in major cities nationwide (by photographer)
Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka etc…



Shooting example ↓




▼Current number of members



Female: About 10 people (can be operated immediately)



▼ About the staff

(atmosphere, gender, etc.)





Owner: Sho Yamazaki





The owner is a man, but he is a very refreshing and good-looking person, and he is a wonderful person who seems to make you feel good when you talk to him.

↓ It was actually such a face.




It seems that the way you talk is sincere, flat, and relaxed.

The staff seems to be able to feel relieved that there are also women.




The actual female staff





▽ Points I want to appeal

Without relying on external scouts or affiliates,

For women who have judged on SNS that they are more beautiful than the owner directly

We are attracting female members with the classic method of DM.

Half of the women who register from inexperienced

Rather than flashy glittery women,

OLs, nurses, students, bakers, etc.

The number one feature of our shop is that there are many general women✨️

If it's Elenas, you might be able to meet a special woman that's unique to you🕊

Have a wonderful meeting at Elenas💞



▼About the management policy of the club








Ability to attract customers

→ Specializing in online interviews,Complete an interview without meeting face-to-faceTo 
Still, I am doing careful listening (counseling) so that women can feel at ease

→ Efficient without wasting women's time 
Great trust from women 






▼What kind of men are there?


→Pleasant person' (talking), person who is not sticky 


▽ What kind of woman do you want to register?





woman keeping her promise

→ with mencan follow the dateFemale 

not light mouthedFemale

▽ What kind of women do you not want to come back?





→ Correspondencenakata 
malice in behaviorThose who have 





▼ Do you mainly specialize in teens for both men and women?





→Mid 20s to 50s 




▽Where do you want to focus your efforts in the future?



→ We will continue to push forward so that women and men can join 



▽ Staff comment


Elenas-sama, the owner is really beautiful.
He was a very nice person.
Is it because you were originally in the business of interviewing women?
I am quite used to dealing with women.

I think you can feel pretty safe.

In addition, communication is smooth,
Sincere and pleasant correspondence with both companies and individuals,
And for registered women 
It's a nice impression that he emphasizes personality rather than appearance.

I understand the Pikatsu industry properly,
Those who want to complete the interview at home, local peopleIs
In particularany locationIt is recommended.

A wide range of women because it is almighty correspondence,
It is also a dating club recommended for men who can be recommended for relatively refreshing men. 
Please use it as a reference for registration and admission
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