[Manga] I met the damn cute PJ-chan 4


Hello, this is Sekiyuna from patolo support.

I'm going to draw a continuation that I haven't drawn at all.


This theme is


PJ's SNS and sense of distance.

Whether it's your friends, your dad, or your pj buddies, how close do you feel?

It was at that moment that I realized that it depends on each person whether they go out with someone or not.














Who, what, and how close do you go with each other?

It's very important to judge things based on your own standards when it comes to daddy activities.



Also, for example, if you are an adult (🔧), and you are dealing with an adult (be it a father or a friend).

If it is known, all the better, when is it known?

I don't know if it will be a factor in getting swept under my feet.


If you have mutual acquaintances, you never know who will reveal what to whom.

Please be aware that activities in Daddy-Katsu are not generally accepted.

I feel that awareness is necessary for those of us who survive in society (especially those of us who work part-time jobs).


Thank you for your continued support♡

Yuna Seki



When you get to know each other on the internet, on ♣, or through apps, the question of who to trust and how much

It's as important as having an adult relationship,

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