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Well, I've updated the actual situation of PJ-chan at the PJ party, part XNUMX.

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First episode

Second episode



I have been able to draw the continuation, so this is an update☆

Please note that I am not a manga artist, so the frequency of updates may be uneven.

By the way, I am writing this in a funny way.

This is unmistakably non-fiction.


Well, there are some interesting PJs too.

I sincerely hope that there will be more women like this on PATOLO.




③ Damn cute PJ-chan's tastes are all one volume












How was it?

PJ-chan, who is popular with older men, is of course also popular with her peers.

When you're around the age of XNUMX, you're at the age when you're in love with people from below, from above, and from the same generation.

It will be popular in many ways.


Since she's so popular, she's the super cute PJ-chan's real boyfriend.

My ideal man is always handsome like a model.

Some men may feel that they are being compared to others of the same generation.



But actually, that's not the case (people have different tastes).

More importantly, why does PJ-chan like Chigyu?

The reason is that he is ``more pampering than a good-looking guy.''


Handsome guys have ex-girlfriends and are surrounded by beautiful women, which is why they are often compared.

Although it is easy to get uncomfortable, Qi cow is not like that.

She was overjoyed and absorbed in the idea of ​​being able to date a woman like herself, and it wasn't easy.

I don't want to let go of it, but I've been working hard on my studies during my student days.

The perfect person to have specs, boyfriend, or partner...


That seems to be what it means.

A woman who is good at creating a situation where it is easy for people to love her and her future.

There's no reason why he's not suitable for being a father.


Of course, she is more on the inside than her appearance.

When men think about how to get people to look inside,


Basically women

``I don't want to express in words how much I actually like myself,

A man who expresses his feelings through actions (sometimes money)

I feel like it's easy to fall in love with someone.


What I noticed this time is

Just because a girl is beautiful doesn't mean she likes good-looking guys

If you want to date a beautiful woman (including dating), it's best to improve your date content.



Next time we look forward to!

Thank you to PJ-chan for always helping us with the material♡


Yuna Seki

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