[True story manga] The reality of cute PJ②


Hello, this is Seki from PATOLO Support.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's been getting cold in the mornings and evenings.

I fell ill due to the cold weather in the mornings and evenings, and had to return home due to a family member having surgery.

Furthermore, both my parent and child were unwell, and I had to use up a lot of my paid time due to various other reasons.



I updated it every time, so the frequency doesn't change.

I feel very sorry for the burden and inconvenience caused to my boss.

I switch to writing (my own keyboard is the easiest to type on)



Well, last time I updated, the actual situation of PJ-chan at the PJ party.

Click here for the previous article★


I have been able to draw the continuation, so this is an update☆

I'm not a manga artist, so it takes me a while to draw four panels.

I apologize if the update frequency has been...

I hope you can read it without hesitation.







Anyway, two of Sannin except me

It's like a select shop where the woman herself walks, or Isetan with a touch of life...


By the way, this Minato Ward girl is a very hard worker and works at a top company.

A woman with a good income.


Status to buy it yourself...I don't know if it is

With women who are purchasing for themselves,


My dad bought it for meIt's a little easier to understand with women.

It was Seki, a dad-hunting staff member, who thought, ``They're different types.''



Vancri earrings that I bought by working hard at a day job and saving money.

Her efforts were evident and I was very impressed.


PJ's graph was also achieved because she cultivated the trust and trust of men.

Women who are able to receive donations and purchases have their own reasons.

I reconfirmed that the reason for this is mostly because I have more time to spare.


The person who bought the graph was from our Universe Group.

It was a present from a man I met at the Universe Club✨


Well, I have a dream❣

I want a dad like that too!


Well then, Adios❣





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