[True story manga] The reality of cute Pj

Thank you for your help.

This is Yuna Seki from PATOLO support.

I celebrated my birthday yesterday and it was a success❌I am ❌ years old.

It's so fast, I can't believe I'm finally an adult!lol


I'm young at heart, and the other day I went to Tokyo to make some stories.

We also had a PJ party for the interview.👴⭐︎

I would rather have my allowance paid by the company's expenses.



I'm thinking of making a series of comics about this.

I hope you enjoy reading it☆











Recently, I have gotten to know the staff and become friends with them.

They ask me a lot of questions, but there are a lot of women who just interact with me.

I am deeply grateful.



After all, there is something special about women who earn money through fatherhood.

After all, there is a great atmosphere to work in.,


That's my first impression.




An ordinary woman who has absolutely nothing

There is no such thing as bottomless earning.I guess so.


I thought.




There's no need to be pessimistic and think there's no way I can make money...



Just youth and beauty


Women who think it is natural to receive donations

I guess I'll get stuck somewhere, that's what I really mean.


(But don't be like the top girl who is too strategic...)




I would like to make a series about real dad girls.

I want to read your thoughts and opinions.

I would be happy if you could contact me and comment if you have any questions!



PATOLO support

Yuna Seki

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